Friday, November 27, 2015

Kelowna member of the Kingpin Crew admits to drug trafficking

Quentin Michael James
KELOWNA – An alleged former gangster in Kelowna has pleaded guilty to a cocaine drug trafficking charge. In 2013, the Kelowna RCMP Federal Serious and Organized Crime unit began investigating drug trafficking activities of the Kingpin Crew, which police said had ties to the Hells Angels.

Police say Quentin Michael James,37, was arrested in December of that year after he attempted to mail three ounces of cocaine to an address in Alberta.
Investigators seized various amounts of drugs, including cocaine, marihuana, MDMA, methamphetamine, ecstasy and psilocybin. Also seized was a bulletproof vest, brass knuckles, defensive batons, assorted rounds of ammunition and approximately $100,000 in cash.

James was later charged with five drug trafficking offenses, two counts of possessing prohibited weapons and one count of possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose. James returns to court in February for sentencing.

Ottawa puts Hells Angels clubhouse up for sale

Eight years after Ottawa seized the biggest Hells Angels clubhouse in Canada, it is soon to put it up for sale. Its listing should appear on MLS within a couple of weeks.

The two-storey cement-block bunker on Eastern Ave., between Logan and Carlaw Ave., is ideal for those looking to shut out the world: It has two sets of steel front doors and windows barricaded with wire. In March, 2007 Ottawa used its new proceeds from crime legislation to legally take over ownership of the property.
Three weeks later, police raided the building, charging five Hells Angels members with drugs and weapons offences. The clubhouse is worth about $700,000.

The big-screen TV where bikers used to watch sports over a beer from the well-stocked fridge is long gone. But there is a still a bar, a big meeting room and two bedrooms. There were just two rules at the clubhouse, apparently: No wives and no murders.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Faces of Fraud - Update III

We have pulled some e-mails from Ms. Suzan El-Khatib to discover what HER sick motivation is in filing a fraudulent criminal complaint with the police.

Me: You honey, are a grotesque joke on every possible level. I refuse to deal with fully corrupt, dead ugly, HA biatches like you. (I have standards) p.s. - Got any more photos of that massive large snout for your public?

Suzan El-Khatib : You have never dealt with me before and frankly, your comments are uncalled for and condescending. I ask that you refrain and delete all comments and photographs relating to me or my firm on your blog immediately; otherwise, I shall seek instructions to bring an action against you without further notice. Please govern yourself accordingly.

Me: We can start with YOU ceasing and desisting from spamming me. I told you to fuk off because you are clearly a grossly immoral PoS beneath contempt. A Slapp lawsuit on behalf of a proven and unjudged rapist? You are one sick PoS and that's a certain fact. Unless your office provides an actual lawyer you can fuk off permanently. Clear Enough long nose? p.s. My information has Mr. Matich 'wanted' in Oz right this minute you goofy kunt.
This was the aftermath after her very truly ridiculous legal threat on behalf of Oz rapist Brett Matich, and does it sound like I'm criminally harassing this kuntaloo OR trying to get away from her wicked dirty puzzyhole?

After this Ms. Suzan El-Kahtib ran breathlessly, and at a full sprint, to the fukkin cops and filed a criminal harassment complaint, and of course, did very open and ongoing BCSC fraud as well. She is gonna teach me a lesson REAL GOOD for saying (truthfully) her beak is a massive big un eh citizens?
This woman is a criminal and a fraud artist who pisses on the rule of law and shits on the high court, very openly.

We have a major problem with corrupt cops making multiple threats of arrest when their complainant is VERY clearly an open criminal.

Me: "FLETCHER, Ian" "Fuck Off and DO NOT ANNOY ME AGAIN. Am I leaving you with any ambiguity you wicked PoS?"

Michael Zsolt Galambos
Busted red-handed by the LSBC, bankrupt, Mr. Michael Galambos, the man who stole the life savings of his accountant, ( and his partner in (organized) crime Ms. Suzan El-Khatib (, while openly and very deliberately withholding critical documents after at very least 8 demands, soliciting me improperly during the process, and filing a fraudulent criminal police complaint, have apparently proceeded to gleefully obtain a fully fraudulent order.

An order we are unable to appreciate, exactly like all the rest of this tag-teams' very fraudulent court documents. Absolutely and truly sickening abuse of the BCSC court process and these terrible 'people' are what the legal 'profession' in British Columbia has fallen to.

Suzan El-Khatib

George Douvelos

Jeffery Emanuel Wittmann

Kent Douglas Wiebe
I have no knowledge of any court order, fraudulent or otherwise as these very open lying criminals have refused to release documents over, at very least, 9 bloody damn requests now. I have given up requesting documents of these pure scum because, obviously, they will NEVER be forthcoming. If we ever DO have knowledge of a fraudulent court order, if it exists at all, a decision will then have to be made as to its legitimacy and what my ultimate response will be.

Hells Angels assassin gets full parole

Serge Quesnel is free after serving 20 years in prison for five contract killings including one in which he stabbed a man in the eyes with a pair of scissors. While inside prison Quesnel found religion. He converted to Buddhism.

He also obtained a Bachelor of Administration degree and turned police informer. The Journal de Montreal says Quesnel was paid $500,000 for information and for testifying against three members of the gang. He was moved to a half way house in 2012 and has now been given a new identity.

The Coward Dennis Watson - 'Gangsters Out' Blog

We spoke yesterday about the motivation of Mr. Dennis Watson in his abnormal obsession with the Hells Angels.

I, like others, dismissed thought of motivation and were impressed with Mr. Watson's apparent courage. As time passed and I exchanged e-mails with the man, my belief in his courage waned, eventually to zero.

Mr. Dennis Watson is very clearly a coward and has always been a coward.

Our information has Mr. Watson catching his now ex-wife having an affair with a biker and being far too afraid to 'do' anything about it. Instead, to salve his hurt pride and ego, he started writing vitriolic and insulting material on the Hells Angels, daily.

With every negative post, with every insult, with every supposed conspiracy theory involving the HA, Mr. Watson felt just a little bit better about his poor little self. When Mr. Watson was called out he decided what he was doing wasn't so great after all. The coward's true nature.
Mr. Watson has NEVER been concerned about 'the public' or the 'truth'. His motivation was and is to obtain revenge and the veracity of what he was spewing wasn't a concern.

Mr. Watson has solicited the public for money multiple times. This repeated begging was done with the certain knowledge people would think his activity had some higher motive. Mr. Watson's sole motivation is and has always been to salve the ego of a coward ... something that is ultimately impossible.
Mr. Dennis Watson made a bed of his own choosing and now, after an extended period, he has finally been called out on it. OF COURSE he's scared pure chitless ... he has every reason to be.

"I regret that it's adversely affected my children," Watson said. "But I don't regret standing up for the truth." (pfffft)
"I've been running the Gangsters out web site and blog for six years about the Vancouver Gang war. I am now tring to raise $1,500.00 to pay a legal bill defending my right to free speech." - Dennis Watson

Mr. Dennis Watson wrapping himself in the flags of 'free speech' and 'rights' and 'truth' is an insult. He is a very bitter old man who said what he pleased because he thought he could remain anonymous and get away with it in perpetuity.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Chicago Braces for War after video of police shooting - Update II

Jason Van Dyke
Jason Van Dyke, a 14-year veteran of Chicago’s police force, has been accused of police misconduct at very least (data for 4 years is missing) 18 times, none of which led to a penalty.

Most of the complaints related to use of excessive force and racial slurs. The data shows that it’s rare for any officers to be penalized, and white officers were half as likely as black ones to be disciplined. Regardless of race, just four percent of the 56,361 allegations were sustained.
Arrests have been made after people hit Chicago streets Tuesday night to protest the police dashcam video showing the fatal shooting death of Laquan McDonald. Protestors are taking to the streets in Chicago chanting "16 shots" for the number of times the officer shot the teen.

Police shootings are frequent in Chicago, the third-largest city in the US with 2.7 million people, roughly one-third white, one-third black and one-third Hispanic.
From 2008-2014 there were an average of 17 fatal shootings by police each year, according to the Independent Police Review Authority, which investigates police misconduct. Virtually all shootings are found to be justified.

Jason Van Dyke
CHICAGO — A white Chicago police officer was charged with first-degree murder on Tuesday in the death of a 17-year-old black man, just hours before city officials appealed for calm as they released a chilling video of the officer shooting the teenager as he lay crumpled on the ground.

Van Dyke shot the teenager 16 times. Van Dyke maintains he feared for his life when he opened fire. Van Dyke was on the scene for less than 30 seconds and was out of his car for about six seconds before he opened fire.

According to witnesses McDonald did not do anything threatening toward Van Dyke and the other responding officers before he was shot to death. Police did nothing to help the dying teen. Van Dyke was charged with first degree murder and stripped of his pay and policing powers. He is being held without bond.

Laquan McDonald

Maurice "Mom" Boucher caught on tape stabbing fellow inmate

The Sûreté du Québec has submitted a report on it's investigation into the stabbing of an inmate at the Special Handling Unit of the Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines penitentiary November 3. The former leader of the Montreal chapter of the Hells Angels Maurice Boucher and another inmate are accused of stabbing a third inmate 15 times with a homemade knife.

The Journal de Montreal says neither Boucher nor the victim, convicted murderer Ghislain Gaudet, are co-operating with investigators but the attack was videotaped by security cameras in the facility.

Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines penitentiary
Boucher, who is serving a life term for ordering the murders of two prison guards, was arrested in his cell last week as part of a massive police raid that targeted a drug trafficking syndicate comprised of leading figures from the Mafia, Hells Angels and street gangs.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

E-Mail from Bankrupt, LSBC disciplined Michael Zsolt Galambos

Michael Zsolt Galambos
Michael Galambos ( "Yoi have been served with all of the court documents herein alteratively by email by order. You have them.

As a courtesy, at 10 am or before, as you specifically ask,I will provide you with a printed copy.

Where will you be at 10 am today to receive a paper copy? "

Damn it very truly is. WTF exactly is this supposed to mean? I have no idea whatever. It APPEARS to be English but waaaaa? I'm being refused court documents for the 8th consecutive time by a well proven lying, bankrupt, thief I guess. Geezus.
We are sick as a dog today. Making us even sicker is the 'man' called Michael Zsolt Galambos. We have not much issue with Mr. Galambos stiffing his creditors through bankruptcy. Chit happens. What this 'man' did however was stiff his $ 40k accountant for six figures from a position of trust.

Think about it citizens. Mr. Michael Zsolt Galambos gleefully fleeces the life savings of somebody who trusted and relied on him. That is more than a crime, it is a very sickening example of absolutely pure human filth and an important part of why there isn't a single utterance from that crooked fukkin word hole that can be relied on. (Forget the fact Mr. Michael Zsolt Galambos lied to the high court and got busted for it)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

John George Robertson - Career Securities K9

We have the dogs of due diligence out on the three public companies which Ms. Suzan El-Khatib serves as a director. Teryl Resources - TRC.v (halted - Failure to File annual audited financial statements and a Form 51-102F1 - Oct 2015), Reg Tech - RRE.v ($ .06), and Linux Gold (OTC LNXGF $.0035)

It was obvious from the start these are pure chit public scams. As we progress that conclusion is being entirely and very generous.

John George Robertson
For Immediate Release: December 6, 2012 Vancouver, BC – REGI U.S., Inc. (OTC BB: RGUS, Frankfurt Stock Exchange: RGJ) and Reg Technologies Inc. (TSX Venture Exchange: RRE.V, OTC BB: REGRF) announces effective November 27, 2012 the British Columbia Securities Commission ("BCSC") has revoked the cease trade order for trading in the securities of Linux Gold Corp, Reg Technologies Inc., REGI U.S. Inc. and Teryl Resources Corp. (the "CTO") that was issued against John George Robertson (the “Insider”) on September 19, 2012.

The BCSC issued the CTO for failure to file insider reports (the “Required Filings") within the prescribed time for Linux Gold Corp, Reg Technologies Inc., REGI U.S. Inc. and Teryl Resources Corp (the “Companies”).

Suzan El-Khatib
It’s the penny stock promotion that never quits,” says John Woods, editor of Canada Stockwatch, a Vancouver-based stock information service. “Penny stocks usually have a life cycle of one to five years, not one to five decades.

The rotary engine that could, but probably never will
By David Baines, Vancouver May 13, 2009. Reg Technologies Inc.’s “revolutionary” rotary engine has been running on hot air for more than two decades. The hot air has been provided by John G. Robertson, president and controlling shareholder of the Richmond-based company, which trades on the TSX Venture Exchange.
Since 1988, Robertson has been pitching his engine technology for everything from weed trimmers to military jet engines.

“The building of the Rand cam-engine has commenced and will be completed in less than 90 days,” he said in a July 1988 release.
Poor Mr. John George Robertson has NO IDEA how reporting his insider trading works, ahuck, probably because of his lack of experience as a director.

Mr. John G. Robertson is President & Director at Minewest Silver & Gold, Inc., President & Director at Pavlik Travel Services Ltd., President & Director at Airstream Communications LLC, President & Director at Rainbow Networks, Inc., President & Director at KLR Enterprises LLC, President & Director at 540330 BC Ltd., President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at IAS Energy, Inc., President & Director at Access Information Services, Inc., President & Director at International Diamond Syndicate Ltd., President & Director at Rand Energy Group, Inc., Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer at REGI U.S., Inc., President & Director at JGR Petroleum, Inc., President & Director at 394754 Bc Ltd., President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at Information, Inc., Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer at Teryl Resources Corp., President, CEO, Secretary & Director at Reg Technologies, Inc., Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer at Linux Gold Corp., and President & Director at SMR Investments Ltd. He is on the Board of Directors at Minewest Silver & Gold, Inc., Pavlik Travel Services Ltd., Airstream Communications LLC, Rainbow Networks, Inc., KLR Enterprises LLC, LinuxWizardry, Inc., 540330 BC Ltd., IAS Energy, Inc., Access Information Services, Inc., International Diamond Syndicate Ltd., Rand Energy Group, Inc., JGR Petroleum, Inc., 394754 Bc Ltd., Information, Inc., Reg Technologies, Inc., and SMR Investments Ltd.

Nov 12/15 Nov 10/15 Robertson, John Control or Direction Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -25,000 $0.050
Nov 12/15 Nov 10/15 Robertson, John Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -42,000 $0.050
Nov 12/15 Nov 9/15 Robertson, John Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -50,000 $0.050
Nov 2/15 Oct 30/15 Robertson, John Control or Direction Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -75,000 $0.055
Oct 26/15 Oct 23/15 Robertson, John Control or Direction Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -3,000 $0.070
Oct 8/15 Oct 7/15 Robertson, John Control or Direction Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -53,000 $0.075
Oct 8/15 Oct 7/15 Robertson, John Control or Direction Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -45,000 $0.070
Sep 10/15 Sep 8/15 Robertson, John Control or Direction Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -10,000 $0.105
Sep 10/15 Sep 8/15 Robertson, John Control or Direction Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -25,000 $0.100
Sep 10/15 Sep 4/15 Robertson, John Control or Direction Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -100,000 $0.110

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mugshot of the Day

Police say 22-year-old Keenan Pleasant burglarized a home but left his cell phone behind. Police went to his home and found their suspect and the stolen electronics.
29-year-old mom Estellamarie Ruiz enjoys taking her children on jaunts of petty theft and fraud. A Chicago woman was at a gas station when she noticed her wallet had been lifted from her car. She found her credit card had been used at a McDonald's just 50 yards from the gas station. After stealing the wallet, Ruiz drove across the street to McDonald's, where she bought burgers for her two children. She was charged with felony identity theft, misuse of a credit card, and illegally conducting criminal activities.
Former funeral director Joseph V. O’Donnell was slammed with 278 charges after 12 bodies and 77 sets of cremated remains were found in a storage locker.

Friday, November 20, 2015

3rd demand for documents to Michael Zsolt Galambos

Bankrupt, LSBC disciplined Michael Zsolt Galambos
"Dear deadbeat, busted red-handed by the LSBC old turd. Yesterday I made a second request for documents of you in response to your no-notice appearance and you failed to respond.

The response I got was from the ridiculously dirty Suzan El-Khatib, who summarily rejected out of hand my very legal, very proper request for documents.

Yes the same Suzan El-Khatib who files false police reports claiming criminal harassment and whose fraudulent claims of abuse extend directly into the pleadings in high court that she now refuses to disclose ... all in the interests of organized crime.

Suzan El-Khatib
You WILL respond you terrible excuse for a human being and I will have access to your fraudulent documents without further delay. DO NOT have the very open criminal El-Khatib respond to me again, ever, you damn fukkin goof."

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Suzan El-Khatib soliciting me now for fuck sakes
Me: Are you retarded? And why is El-Khatib contacting me? I told her clearly to NOT bother me again. You WILL provide legal documents in hard copy form you hopeless mutt and they WILL be available at your office.

My patience with busted red-handed already criminals and deadbeats claiming to have ethics is zero. I'll attend tomorrow for my documents.

Suzan El-Khatib : Please let me know the exact time you intend to arrive.

Me : Ms El-Khatib you WILL remove your longnose self from this discourse. You have no standing whatever you ugly shemale ... that's what 'having' a lawyer means. Duh.

Suzan El-Khatib : I do have standing. Please obtain legal advice. You have no reason to attend our office and if you do, we will call 911 immediately.
Suzan El-Khatib : Why are we required to provide you legal documents in hard copy? We are not. Master Harper granted us leave to serve you by email, which we did and you received judging by your post.
Bankrupt, LSBC disciplined Michael Zsolt Galambos
Comment. The lawyer involved in Ms. El-Khatib's matter, bankrupt, LSBC disciplined Michael Zsolt Galambos was busted red-handed regarding a "short notice" scam and lying to the court.

There is EVERY legitimate reason to demand documents in hard copy because, long drumroll, this law firm is chock full of wicked proven crooked MFers who break every possible rule if they might get away with it.

Second, these open crooks have EVERY responsibility to make documents available at their office. Period and end of LiarTard sentence. Pffft.

Full patch Hells Angel Damiano Dipopolo
Calling 911 immediately is it after deliberately contacting me? Un REAL this crooked unit. How about longnose calling the same apparently crooked VPD pig she complained to about my 'criminal harassment' the other day? That PROBABLY won't work. Try it AGAIN anyways Suzan El-Khatib.

So whats my problem this time? I told Ms. Suzan El-Khatib clearly to fork right off and stop bugging me at the very start of the Brett Matich supposed legal threat. Next a few kilos of documents are thrown around ex-parti style in BCSC by a busted red-handed liartard accusing me of harassing her. Riiiight.

Next she sticks that beak into the matter yet again when she has ZERO STANDING.
This experience is surrealistic and fuk me I need to start producing a few pounds of stupidity in response for damn certain. This is gonna be a good un, eventually. Support this space. Donate if you are able. We need a laptop REAL bad.