Friday, November 21, 2014

Bharti Boyz do it Again

Post says minority shareholder rankled by Aberdeen move

The Financial Post reports in its Thursday edition Aberdeen International plans to raise $5-million over the next five years. The Post's Barry Critchley, writing in Off the Record, says Aberdeen says it will invest the proceeds in "quality developed mining assets in mining friendly jurisdictions." Aberdeen says it agreed to invest $4.67-million into a privately held Mauritius company, African Thunder Platinum.
Then, one investor, Meson Capital, a San Francisco entity run by a Canadian, Ryan Morris, got involved. Mr. Morris has written to Aberdeen and also to the Toronto Stock Exchange about a "pending dilutive private placement." Mr. Meson, who owns 9 per cent of Aberdeen, was concerned about the sale of units at 20 cents, which he says is about half the 39.8-cent net asset value per share Aberdeen tallied as of July 30. Mr. Meson noted African Thunder "appears to be a related party to the company, a fact that was not disclosed," when the transaction was announced. He also noted African Thunder's parent "appears" to be Great Lakes Capital Management. A Google search shows that five of the seven Aberdeen directors are also directors at African Thunder. Mr. Critchley says Aberdeen declined comment.
What do we have this time? Very, very obviously this is a "non-arms length" transaction and that being so it needs to be vetted (independently) by the Co BEFORE being entered into. Basically these BhartiTards are flipping off Aberdeen paper for half what its worth for their arsesome new "investment".

Its a loooooong record of Forbes and Manhattan doing this as normal business practice. It makes a body wonder, truly, why a public monkey throws a single cent at the BhartiTards.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

SEC charges Dan Clozza for on-line tout scheme

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has filed civil charges against Vancouver's Dan Clozza and others for fraudulently manipulating Forum National Investments Ltd., a purported travel company that owned a 170-foot yacht. The SEC claims that Mr. Clozza set up a misleading on-line touting campaign that boosted the company to $1.90. (All figures are in U.S. dollars.) During the campaign his relatives and associates sold over one million shares, the SEC claims.

The allegations are contained in a civil complaint the SEC filed against Mr. Clozza and others on Tuesday, Nov. 18, in the Central District of California. The complaint identifies Mr. Clozza, 54, as Forum's president and one of its largest shareholders. The other defendants are Robert Dunn, 35, of Abbotsford, who allegedly helped organize and pay for the touting campaign. Also named are two on-line touts: William Anguka, 28, of California; and Ahmad Ghaznawi, 28, of Nebraska.
So there we go and perhaps the soooooo secure Venture scumbags are taking notes. Pfffft.

And once again is it the BCSC cleaning the chit from its' back yard or the SEC?*SEC-2229866&symbol=*SEC®ion=C

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Intertainment Media Inc. spews unbridled horsechit

Intertainment Media Inc. (TSXV: INT) (OTCPINK: ITMTF) (FRA: I4T) ("Intertainment Media" or "Company") is pleased to announce that Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI),
one of the industry's largest independent real-time trading platforms for the buying and selling of advertising, has acquired Shiny Ads in its entirety, including Intertainment's stake of CDN$250,000. The purchase by Rubicon Project has allowed Intertainment to realize a gain of 128% on its investment.

"We are extremely pleased with the final sale of Shiny Ads to Rubicon Project" stated Anthony R. Pearlman, COO of Intertainment Media Inc. "the return on investment received by Intertainment shows the Company's continued commitment to shareholder value."

Monday, November 17, 2014

Robert Bruce Duncan immortalized in Photos (CCB.V)

We are sharing some obviously untouched real life photos of our severe anti-hero because, well, fuk him and the dead icky horse he rode in on.

The CFO of this dopeshow happens to be the main K9's wifey-poo and that tagteam is coming in at something around $ 320k per year. No, we ain't making this up.

andrew aguilar lawyer

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mount Polley probe looking into government's disclosures

A second investigation has been launched into the question of whether or not the B.C. government has improperly withheld information about the catastrophic collapse of the Mount Polley tailings pond.

In a letter to the Environmental Law Centre at the University of Victoria, Michael McEvoy, the acting Information and Privacy Commissioner for B.C., has confirmed his office has opened a file into a complaint by the ELC about the government’s refusal to release routine mine inspection reports concerning Mount Polley.
Since the Aug. 4 accident, which discharged nearly 15 million cubic metres of toxic mine waste into the Fraser River watershed, the government has refused to release documents related to the mine, including the annual dam safety inspection reports from 2010 to 2013.

The government said documents couldn’t be released because an investigation is under way. That prompted the ELC to complain to the Information and Privacy Commissioner that the release of documents “relevant to the greatest mining environmental disaster in B.C. history is a matter of clear and pressing public interest.”
The Vancouver Sun reported that Alberta billionaire N. Murray Edwards helped organize a $1 million fundraiser for the B.C. Liberal party at the Calgary Petroleum Club last year. Rapidly becoming a household name in B.C., Edwards is the controlling shareholder of Imperial Metals, which operates the Mount Polley Mine.

Edwards, Canada’s 18th richest person with a net worth of about $2.2 billion according to Forbes, is linked to six corporations that have donated a total of $436,227 in campaign contributions to the B.C. Liberal party over the past nine years, according to Elections B.C.