Saturday, January 24, 2015

BhartiTards scared pure chitless - AAB.t

We has seen a fair bit O chit tossing over the years but NOTHING comes anything near the sub-basement levels the BhartiTards are sinking to.

Very open, very deliberate defamation and VERY probably slanderous. Damn tis and appears fully actionable to me. Our dissidents might want to see about that whenever the big guns go silent.
May as well call a spade a spade here now. Bharti's grotesque empire has been in serious decline, VERY serious, for years. BhartiWad limitless greed has finally caught up with the gang of pure turds. Lose the BhartiWad "flagship" and virtually every other PoS in the Bharti stable will rise up in revolt as well.

There's our motivation in this opinion. BhartiWads have their well fed arseyholes against a wall.
Mr. Ryan Morris of Meson Capital reports


Today, funds controlled by Meson Capital Partners LLC and Nightscape Capital (UK) LLP that hold shares representing approximately 9 per cent of the issued and outstanding shares of Aberdeen International Inc. correct a number of inaccurate and misleading misstatements made by Aberdeen in desperation as votes continue to come in for the gold proxy. Rather than responding with the factual explanations demanded by Aberdeen insider's self-interested actions, Aberdeen dodges the real issues and resorts to misleading and completely fabricated personal attacks.
Stan Bharti has said that "honesty doesn't always matter" so the concerned shareholders urge Aberdeen shareholders to focus on facts rather than inaccurate and misleading statements from the Mr. Bharti-controlled board of Aberdeen.

Fact: Ryan Morris is not the subject of a criminal investigation in Mexico and not the subject of an SEC investigation, as has been falsely stated by Aberdeen management. This is a complete fabrication.

Fact: The concerned shareholders' court proceedings continue. Again, this is contrary to false statements made by Aberdeen management who agreed to defer addressing the oppression claims until after the meeting. Rest assured the concerned shareholders are not going anywhere. Aberdeen completed a highly dilutive and value destructive private placement of up to 20 million shares, 100 per cent of which was allocated to insiders and related parties. This was done to try and dilute your vote. The votes from this questionable placement have been segregated for the upcoming shareholder meeting and court proceedings in relation to this matter continue. Shareholders are encouraged to learn more about this highly questionable private placement at the free Aberdeen website.

Fact: As a result of the questionable tactics that continue to be used by Aberdeen, the court required that the chair of the meeting hire truly independent counsel in an effort to bring some degree of integrity to the meeting process. The concerned shareholders additionally won all the proxy protocol and inspection issues demanded.

Fact: Aberdeen is not a junior gold mining company, in fact through its history only approximately 30-per-cent portfolio investments have been in gold mining companies. Aberdeen misleadingly cherry picks the junior gold miner index (GDXJ) to favourably contrast Aberdeen's stock performance, which has declined 80 per cent since Jan. 31, 2011.

Fact: The concerned shareholders are not proposing a fire sale of assets but instead have a detailed plan to maximize value for all shareholders. Unlike the concerned shareholders, Aberdeen attempted its own portfolio "fire sale" when it arranged to sell Aberdeen's investment portfolio to Landmark Partners LLC for $29-million in September, 2014. This sale price was $13-million lower (or 32 per cent lower) than Aberdeen's stated value for those assets less than one month before the sale was announced. This appears to be the very definition of "fire sale"!

Fact: Concerned shareholder nominees can and will convene a board meeting if elected. Again, this is contrary to false statements by Aberdeen.

Fact: Leading independent proxy advisory research firm ISS recommends shareholders use the gold proxy card and vote to remove Mr. Bharti from the Aberdeen board.

Fact: Ryan Morris and Meson Capital have had plus-250-per-cent better investment returns than Aberdeen International and have extensive experience creating shareholder value with active involvement: HearUSA: plus 206 per cent; InfuSystem: plus 192 per cent; Sevcon: plus 52 per cent.

Fact: The concerned shareholders can return 15 cents per share to shareholders and plan to do this immediately. Aberdeen's management's claimed "scorched wallet" costs are primarily the $6.2-million change-of-control payments insiders are trying to award themselves, which the concerned shareholders believe are illegal and are challenging in court. As stated above, court proceedings continue (contrary to false statements made by Aberdeen).

Shareholders must send a clear message to Mr. Bharti and the existing Aberdeen board: it's time to focus on facts, not false personal attacks on its own shareholders.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Brett Matich revisited

Oz refugee Mr. Brett Matich is a particular case. Particular in that this space has highly credible info that CAN'T be spewed here.

Gotta hate that. Thankfully Mr. Matich's ultra massive value creation skills have come shining through on the Venture, naturally, and we can spew about that.
Cap-Ex Ventures - CEV.v. Terrible threesome do a rock bottom 1 for 4 rollback and paper just keeps right on sewering. THAT takes some serious skills.
Natan Resources Ltd. NRL.v. 52 week high of $ .04 and this PoS is Mr. Matich's failed flagship. Brand spanking new listing it WAS and done it is.
Pantheon Ventures Ltd. PVX.v Uber high powered mining magnate Matich becomes a director and share price instantly joins the rest of his stable O chit.
We know Mr. Matich has been shopping that so called resume to every crooked basterd group in Vancouver, and its no surprise the first landing was Mr. Graham Harris and Mr. Andrew Bowering.

There's no end in sight and did we ever say identifying and avoiding securities scams wasn't rocket science?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Things Grim for TubbyWad - VFX.v - Update II

The GreekTard has seen fit to pass along regards to those buried in VFX.v, and really Georgie, you forgot to mention exactly HOW MUCH free trading paper you got for luring the public into purchasing this fukkin chit.

Re: What!!!!!!

in response to What!!!!!! by seahawks
posted on Jan 16, 15 05:57PM 

Hi, Seahawks. We're just as surprised as anyone about this development and trying to reach management for further comment.
To clarify your statement, Virtutone is a sponsor/advertiser of AGORACOM. We run their ads on the site and report the news issued by the company. We don't make buy recommendations.

FEATURE: Virtutone Networks (VFX:TSX-V) Net Revenues of $39.6M for Q3 2014

posted on Jan 13, 15 04:36PM


  • Net revenues reached $39,601,691 for the third quarter of 2014, an increase of $27,371,111 (Read Release)
  • $48,823,623 in Revenues for the Year Ended Jan 31, 2014 (Read Release)
  • Gross profit increased to $1,562,478 - Year Ended Jan 31, 2014

So naturally the "news" hit and OMG those zillions in revenues from unnamed types are all bad debts and this enterprise is bankrupt. Damn tis. Now WHO, 18 months ago, saw this wicked crooked horsechit coming? Its never rocket science and phat boy proves it in freakin spades.
And lets put them together for ANOTHER "success" from AgoraScam. GreekTards and crooks seem to go together, a body best make a note of that. Pffft.

"One of Virtutone Networks Inc.'s biggest clients based in London, United Kingdom, has not been able to make payments of a total amount of $13.8-million (U.S.) to the company. Virtutone's management has taken all the necessary steps in order to get payment but so far to no avail. Considering the importance of the amount involved, Virtutone had no other alternatives than to reduce costs to the minimal as well as to lay off all staff, excluding Jason Allen, chief executive officer, as well as William N. Woods, chief financial officer, and is now suspending operations to concentrate all efforts on obtaining payment. The outcome of these efforts being uncertain, there is no guarantee that Virtutone will be able to resume operations. Virtutone's management is currently undergoing a strategic review of available options and recourses in light of the current circumstances. The company's management will provide further updates as to progress of the situation and actions to be taken.

Our overfed phat boy has requested a trading halt for news, and that is probably a good thing because everybody and their blind dog already KNOWS what the fukkin news is gonna be ...

Jason Allen

VFX-Sad day
Virutone Networks info.
Have closed their doors at the main office in Sherwood Park.
Have laid off most of their employees.
Have discontinued customer support, noboby in office, shut up tighter than Fort Knox.
Have not paid their bills.
I made over 40 calls over the last 3 days, check for yourself 780 702 5777. Tried every extention and got picked up by a gal that had the phone forwarded to her but said nothing.

Mr. Jason Allen reports


Virtutone Networks Inc. achieved a new daily revenue record of over $500,000 in revenue on Wednesday, April 9, 2014.

"This is a great milestone that we have achieved," said Jason Allen, chief executive officer of Virtutone. "Due to our strong balance sheet, we are leveraging our strong financial position to increase organic sales as we had projected, while maintaining our margins. We have also updated our investor presentation, which is available now on our website."
It just goes on and on. Tubby's margins are negative, have always been negative, and will ALWAYS be negative.

The reporting of numbers pulled from ample and fully disgusting anus, now daily apparently, is totally fukkin bogus. The regulator should have stopped phat arse's dopey stupidity months ago. At this rate TubbyWad will be reporting "revenues" by the minute.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

RetardBoy John Maguire now a "Martyr"

Reports have surfaced that former Canadian retard John Maguire was killed in Syria. Not often its GOOD NEWS when somebody kicks the bucket but this dope's passing very definitely makes the world a slightly better place.

ISIS has released a video featuring an Ottawa man calling on his fellow Muslim countrymen to carry out lone-wolf attacks on Canadian targets.

John Maguire, who was already reportedly under investigation by the RCMP after travelling to Syria to join ISIS as a foreign fighter in January 2013, appears in the slickly produced six-minute, 13-second video. The 23-year-old is identified in the video as Abu Anwar al-Canadi and speaks in English.
Canadian intelligence officials estimated earlier this year that 130 Canadians have joined the conflicts in either Syria or Iraq. Many, but not all, are joining ISIS.
Freakin nutbars occur in all manner of packages and for our money if this pure 100% nutbar hates Canada this much he should stick with his new terrorists friends forevermore and NEVER return because any REAL Canadian would knock this wicked evil coksukr MFer little biatch out in .013 seconds.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

BhartiTardian Plan for Value Creation - AAB.t

On January 7, 2015 the incredibly well compensated BhartiBoy, Mr. Stein offered this gem for ultra long suffering AAB.t stakeholders ...

Aberdeen International Inc. has filed a management information circular in response to a requisition of a meeting of Aberdeen's shareholders by Meson Capital Partners LLC and Nightscape Capital (UK) LLP. While the company remains concerned that the requisition by the dissidents is largely a smear campaign aimed at promoting the dissidents' self-interested agenda, the company was nonetheless required to call a special meeting of shareholders to deal with these matters. The company will hold the meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015, and has formed a special committee of independent directors comprising Bernard Wilson, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D (chair), John Begeman and the honourable Ken Taylor, OC, with independent counsel, to oversee all matters relating to the meeting.

"largely a smear campaign" pretty well admits from the very top that there's plenty O chit in this whorehouse to be smeared. After the work on our "context" this public stupidity OUGHT to be grossly offensive to anybody with working grey material.

Aberdeen's circular makes it clear that the strong leadership and experience of the current board are required in the midst of the current volatile market in the mining sector to ensure the creation of long-term shareholder value. The current board has an impressive history of successful transactions, and extensive senior management, operations, public markets and finance experience in the mining sector, all of which are critical to running the business of Aberdeen and building long-term value for shareholders.

The too easily proven TRUTH is this leadership has a very long, very disgusting track record of raping stakeholders stupid. Only a true scumbag would be "impressed" by how much these turds have creatively acquired off the backs of public shareholders who were replying on this group's fiduciary responsibilty.
Aberdeen outlined its specific action plan to enhance long-term shareholder value, including:

1. As Aberdeen has traditionally done, initiating a normal course issuer bid to buy back shares in an effort to maximize shareholder value;
2.Implementing a significant cost-cutting plan through reduction of salaries, consulting agreements and other continuing overhead costs;
3.Alongside Aberdeen's proven capital growth model, focusing investment strategy on investments where Aberdeen can earn income as well as capital returns;
4.Constantly striving for best-in-class leadership and governance practices by enhancing the overall expertise, independence and accountability of the board, as evidenced by the recent appointment of Mr. Wilson as lead director, and three new highly qualified directors, Mr. Begeman, Maurice Colson and Mr. Taylor;
5.Enhancing investment portfolio disclosure to facilitate investor understanding and appreciation of portfolio investments and investment strategy, together with allocating resources to building market momentum.

1. NCIBs are a common PR tool of turds.
2. BhartiTards won't reduce grotesque enrichment, another proven fact.
3. The only thing "proven" by BhartiTards is rapid capital evaporation and collapse of every deal they touch.
4. BhartiWad strawmen/nominees also have a multi-year track records of very open bum pokery.
5. Everybody is too stupid and BhartiTards know "momentum" Got it. Pfffft.
The company urges shareholders to review in detail its management information circular mailed to shareholders of record as of Dec. 31, 2014, and filed on the company's SEDAR profile, which clarifies the true intention of the dissidents while countering their false allegations and half truths. A copy of the circular is also available on the Aberdeen website.

Aberdeen also sets out in the circular the continued attempts of the dissidents to run a smear campaign and meritless legal proceedings that will add unnecessary costs, rather than present an actual plan for value creation. On Jan. 6, 2015, the dissidents commenced an application before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (commercial list) for certain relief relating to the meeting, including voting rights associated with Aberdeen common shares issued in connection with its private placement financing which closed on Nov. 24, 2014, and the conduct of the meeting. Aberdeen believes the application by the dissidents is tactical and without merit. Both the company and the special committee will respond to the application.

Aberdeen assures shareholders that its board will continue to serve their best interests by focusing on the company's current business activities and investment opportunities, and continue to engage shareholders through their long-standing commitment to an active, constructive and responsive dialogue.®ion=C

Lying basterds eh? THIS particular BoD hasn't served stakeholder interests ever and to have the elephant sized cajones to spew otherwise whilst ripping everybody off, well, Grrrrrr BhartiTards and BhartiTardism.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Battle Lines Drawn in latest BhartiTard War - Update I

The Globe and Mail reports in its Friday edition the battle over lavish insider payments and governance practices at a struggling junior managed by mining promoter Stan Bharti is going to court.

Justice Herman Wilton-Siegel agreed Wednesday to hear an application by activist Ryan Morris to block a private placement of stock and $11.3-million in potential payments to five insiders, including a company controlled by Mr. Bharti's family, at Aberdeen International. An application filed with the court Monday by Mr. Morris's fund Meson Capital Partners and Aberdeen shareholder Nightscape Capital of Britain alleged the potential payments would be "oppressive" transfers of shareholder value that "unjustly enrich the insiders."
"Funds controlled by Meson Capital Partners LLC and Nightscape Capital (UK) LLP, which hold shares representing approximately 9 per cent of the issued and outstanding shares of Aberdeen International Inc., have filed their information circular for the special meeting of shareholders requisitioned by the concerned shareholders scheduled to take place on Feb. 3, 2015.
The concerned shareholders cite Aberdeen's underperformance and egregious governance deficiencies as primary reasons for board change.

Stay tuned for updates Folks. A body just CAN'T (unless they hold BhartiTard paper) put a price tag on this pure gold.


We are travelling back in time to get a true picture of advanced Bhartism. Context is everything and this space can't do a lot better than what we've spewed about PREVIOUS BhartiWad enrichment schemes over the years.

So today's bad news at is all about a strike ...


Commencing at the beginning of the day shift on Oct. 17, 2012, some of the employees at Forbes and Manhattan Coal Corp.'s Magdalena and Aviemore underground mines have commenced peaceful strike action.®ion=C

Do we actually need to hear today's "new" rubbish from the recently re-elected Bharti Boy, Stephan Theron? The same Stephan Theron that was almost bursting with dopey bullishisms yesterday? I know I sure don't but here we go ...

"The situation at the operations is under control and being monitored ..."

Excellent Mr. Theron. Keep up the arsesome "work".

UPDATE - October 16, 2012. - Redux
No doubt feeling the extreme heat from the court of public opinion, as well as feeling the effects of cutting one's nose off to spite the completely dopey face, the powers that be at Forbes and Manhattan Coal Corp ( have folded 3 seats on the BoD to the opposition ... "FORBES & MANHATTAN COAL ANNOUNCES NEW BOARD COMPOSITION

Forbes and Manhattan Coal Corp. has implemented an amicable reconstitution of its board of directors following discussions between the company and Resource Capital Fund V LP (RCF), one of Forbes Coal's major shareholders.

As a result of these discussions, Forbes Coal's board has been reconstituted, as follows: Stephan Theron, Stan Bharti, Bernard Wilson, Ryan Bennett, Mike Price, John Dreyer and Craig Wiggill."®ion=C

Stephan Theron
Co has also released numbers and how wonderful is a 225k bottom line loss for the quarter? Pretty damn awesome and totally fantastic according to extremely well compensated F&M management types. And HOW well compensated for the quarter you ask?

Consulting and professional fees $ 713,000
General and Administrative $ 1,782,000

"I am again pleased to report that Forbes Coal continues to grow production, revenue and profit. On the back of these strong set of results in a challenging coal market environment and with the recent announcement of the ZAC acquisition, we believe that the company is going from strength to strength in terms of both performance and achieving its growth strategy,"

Serious backtracking aside (again) has anything really changed with F&M? Probably not. Once this extreme storm of public disgust blows over it will be back to business as usual this observer thinks.

Damage to the F&M reputation, and plenty of it, has been done.

In that vein, the National Post has released a story about the Sulliden AGM ...

"All of which brings us to the recent annual meeting of Sulliden Gold Corp., which released the voting results for the election of directors. All of the eight nominees received at least 50% for votes except Stan Bharti, who runs the Forbes & Manhattan group. Bharti received a mere 29.28% for votes and 58.17% withheld votes. The rest, 12.55%, didn’t vote."

"What’s unusual about the voting pattern is that two of the three directors who received about 60% for votes — Leonard Harris and Bruce Humphrey — were on the compensation committee that recommended the milestone-based bonus plan. George Fraught, the third member of that committee, received 74.68% for votes.

Leonard Harris

Bruce Humphrey

George Fraught

Take a bow gentlemen and is it not obvious that everyone KNOWS who the actual power is behind the straw men/nominees?

"there's a lot of leverage in Aberdeen" (8/11/10) Aberdeen International Inc. - The Gold Report Interview with Stan Bharti"

Gotta agree with that assessment 100% Mr. Bharti ...

"How to Pocket $5MM For Losing Over a Quarter of Company’s Assets in Only Six Months

It was a tough year to be a shareholder of Aberdeen International ( AAB.TO). In the first six months of 2012 the net loss amounted to over $26MM or over 25% of the assets, the net asset value (NAV) at the end of the period was less than $72MM (from $136MM in the early 2011), the share price declined 40%, and the market cap dropped under $35MM.

But while shareholders felt the pain, the management was doing great: “salaries, consulting, benefits, and bonus” increased sharply compared to prior years: for the past six months it was $5,459K compared to $600K in 2011 and $798K in 2010. Most of the difference was due to increase in the “key management remuneration” which added up to $4,870K in benefits and shares – 7% of the NAV and almost 15% of the market cap - in just six months. By any reasonable measure, the “key management” awarded itself compensation that is way out of proportion to company’s overall performance or assets."

UPDATE - October 15, 2012.

As we look further into those amazing Bharti ethics, the shenanigans at Forbes and Manhattan Coal Corp ( come into sickening focus.


Forbes and Manhattan Coal Corp. held its annual general meeting Sept. 17, 2012, and the executive chairman, Stan Bharti, disallowed proxy votes that supported the concerned shareholders' board nominees by an overwhelming majority.

As a result of the technical invalidation of proxy votes which the concerned shareholders (Resource Capital Fund V LP, Terrafirma Securities Holdings LLC. and Skye Alba Pty. Ltd.) believe is improper, management's slate of directors was purportedly elected. This means the key issues of a lack of transparency and poor corporate governance at the company will not be addressed. It is disappointing the executive chairman failed to listen to the voice of the shareholders, and this has resulted in the purported election of an entrenched captive board."®ion=C

Can one be faulted for assuming Mr. Bharti acts in his own interests exclusively and NOT those of his constituents? These are hardly isolated incidents and the inference is clear. If a body judges a deal by it's management, the F&M group has conclusively demonstrated to everyone what regard it pays to fiduciary responsibility. Zero.

It is interesting that this BoD, until proven otherwise, has no moral authority to "do" a damn thing. (including collect a salary). In a very real sense they should not be occupying those offices at all ... and that point appears to need a Supreme Court judge for clarity.

"He believes in finding the best people to run his companies. He guides CEOs and Presidents but encourages them to run their businesses on their own and do their own thing. He doesn’t waste time on long formal meetings but is more spontaneous in his approach. His group has a strong comradery. Stan encourages all of his people to have fun while working, to have excellent results, to be successful and reap large financial rewards."
UPDATE - October 14, 2012.

The unsung hero to the masses and wicked ongoing thorn in Bharti buttock has been Otto Man over at Incakolanews. It may have been Otto's outraged sputum that was picked up on BNN and thereafter by the Financial Post.

This time Otto Man has tracked the results of the SUE.t AGM and yes indeed Otto Man, how the flying fuk can a chief public company dog who pulls down multi-millions get installed with more votes against than for?

It truly does beg the question ... could my dog and his anus have gotten elected to the SUE board had I simply started a proxy fight in time? Chit.
While not quite falling to the sub-basement levels we are used to, it would be an offense not to record the recent bad press in the National Post and elsewhere regarding Mr. Stan Bharti, ultra grand poohbah of Forbes and Manhattan.

Sulliden Gold (SUE.t) has very quickly rolled back a “milestone-based bonus plan” after being outed with extreme gusto and geeze bloody louise what makes SUE any different from the many other F&M deals? Not too much in this opinion.

In the case of Sulliden Gold ... "on the advice of its three-person compensation committee, has just put in place a so-called “milestone-based bonus plan” that could pay a group of insiders and consultants at least $17.1-million over the next three years. "

“It’s egregious. It sets a terrible precedent for others in the mining industry, given that the industry needs foreign investors to fund the projects,” said one fund manager whose fund doesn’t own the shares ..."

“Good corporate governance attracts investors and what we have here is awful corporate governance,” added the fund manager, noting some of the elements of the nine-point milestone bonus plan “amount to nothing more than the executives doing their job. They are already getting paid to do that.”

"While the milestone bonus will put cash in the jeans of the insiders, the insiders didn’t feature too badly for the 12 months ended April 30, 2012: six of them received payments for options and incentive plans of $6.372-million."

All those real bad words sure got the attention of the frikkin big shots and pronto as the wonderful plan was axed the next day ...

“The board of directors felt that a milestone-based incentive plan would align management focus and shareholder value with a view to the best interest of the company. However, in light of shareholder input, the board has decided to terminate the plan,” the company said in a statement.

"One fund manager, who asked not to be named, expressed relief that this issue got the attention of investors. “This type of corporate practice could very well have been perpetuated for years and gone unnoticed. Hopefully this activity has raised the awareness level of the regulatory bodies in this country,” he said. (Starts at 5:36)

For bloody shame Mr. Bharti. Tsk Tsk Tsk.