Thursday, July 28, 2016

Toronto Cop Forcillo sentenced to 6 years for Sammy Yatim killing

Toronto Const. James Forcillo was sentenced to 6 years in the Sammy Yatim shooting. A jury convicted Forcillo of attempted murder for firing the second set of shots, but acquitted him of second-degree murder for the first volley, which an autopsy concluded actually caused Yatim’s death.

While the judge found no evidence of malice in Forcillo’s actions, he called the shooting “an egregious breach of trust” by the police officer. The judge called Forcillo’s actions “unreasonable, unnecessary and excessive”
The sentencing hearing of a Toronto police officer found guilty of attempted murder in the death of a teen on an empty streetcar returns to court today. Forcillo has filed a constitutional challenge to the mandatory minimum sentence of four or five years that he faces after being found guilty in the shooting death of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim in July 2013.

Forcillo was acquitted in January of second-degree murder in Yatim's death, but a jury found the officer guilty of attempted murder for continuing to fire after the dying teen had fallen to the floor.
Forcillo's lawyers are arguing that certain sections of the Criminal Code involving the mandatory minimum sentence for attempted murder are unconstitutional and weren't meant to deal with cases like Forcillo's.

The defence proposes Const. James Forcillo spend two years on house arrest for the attempted murder of Sammy Yatim, while the Crown is seeking a prison sentence of eight to 10 years.
Toronto police Const. James Forcillo “lost (his) cool” when he fatally shot 18-year-old Sammy Yatim on a deserted streetcar because the teenager was mocking him, Crown attorney Milan Rupic suggested Monday at Forcillo’s murder trial.

Testifying in his own defence for a third day, Forcillo maintained that he was calm and that Yatim was not making fun of him, but threatening him by brandishing a switchblade in the early hours of July 27, 2013.
Forcillo said he did not see Yatim raise his arms in what Rupic called a “mock surrender” as police approached — which can be seen on TTC surveillance footage — and did not see Yatim smoking a cigarette.
Rupic said Forcillo didn’t want to acknowledge Yatim was not angry or aggressive that night.

Drug dealing ex-B.C. Mountie Randi Love back in Court August 11

A former high-profile Kamloops Mountie accused of dealing drugs while a member of the national police force has yet to show up in person for a court appearance. Randi Love is facing three counts of trafficking cocaine. Her matters were on the docket in Kamloops provincial court on Thursday, but a lawyer appeared on her behalf.

Charges were laid against the 40-year-old in May. The allegations date back to three dates in June 2015, when Love was still employed as an RCMP constable, but was on injury leave.

Randi Love
A former Kamloops police officer has been charged with three counts of cocaine trafficking — with allegations she was selling the drugs while still employed as a Mountie. Randi Love, who has since retired from the RCMP, is accused of dealing cocaine on three occasions last June, while still a member of the RCMP.

According to court documents, the 40-year-old allegedly trafficked cocaine on June 13, June 22 and June 26.
Love retired from the RCMP in recent months after discovering she was the subject of a drug-trafficking investigation. This is not the first time Love has found herself at the center of a criminal proceeding.

In 2013, she was a key witness for the Crown in the fraud trial of her ex-boyfriend, disgraced RCMP Const. Trent Wessner. The two Mounties began living common-law in the summer of 2010.

HA Jose Brito pulls gun, chases woman with bat in front of NY Clubhouse

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A Stapleton man pulled a gun on a woman and chased her with a baseball bat in front of the Hells Angels clubhouse in the East Village Tuesday night.

At around 10:45 p.m., Jose Brito, 28, pulled the firearm from his waistband and threatened to shoot the 24-year-old victim in front of the biker group's clubhouse on East 3rd Street, near First Avenue. Brito then chased the woman with a baseball bat up the street.
According to the Daily News, the defendant is a member of the biker club. Brito, of Osgood Avenue, was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a firearm, criminal possession of a weapon and menacing

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hells Angels Tried to Assassinate Mick Jagger in Retaliation for Altamont

The fatal violence that erupted during the Rolling Stones‘ set at the Altamont Speedway on Dec. 6, 1969, cast a pall and put frontman Mick Jagger in the crosshairs of an assassination attempt that stayed secret for decades.

It all came to a head when Meredith Hunter, irate over his rough treatment, pulled a gun. Hells Angel Alan Passano intervened, stabbing him before other members of the crew joined in. Though the Stones were unaware of it at the time, they were performing during a murder.
In the aftermath of Altamont, Jagger strained to disassociate the Stones from the Hells Angels and vowed never to use them again. The Angels were outraged, believing Jagger had sold them out. Passano was acquitted of the murder on the grounds of self-defense but Jagger remained a target.

Their plan involved Jagger's Long Island property, going by boat. They gathered weaponry and their forces to go out on Long Island Sound when a storm rolled in, which nearly sunk their boat.

Jagger remained blissfully unaware for decades. The FBI only turned up the murder plot in 1985.

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Kathleen Landry of Langley arrested in California with 38 kg of heroin - Update II

Kathleen Landry
MODESTO, Calif. - Police in Central California have arrested a Canadian woman allegedly carrying 38 kilograms of heroin after a police dog alerted his handler to drugs inside her pickup truck during a traffic stop.

The Modesto Bee reports 63-year-old Kathleen Landry, of Langley, British Columbia, was arrested Monday on Highway 99 in Modesto.

In 2006 Kathleen Landry was granted approval to subdivide a 3.75 ha (9.26 acre) parcel into two lots of approximately 1.94 ha (4.79 acres) and 1.81 ha (4.47 acres) at 21350 - 2nd Avenue, Langley.

All contacts were given as Azura Management Corp. 604 536 7333, 604 536 2130. Mr. Ewen Stewart is the principal. The company has been active in Kelowna. The address for Azura Management, 15561 Marine Dr, White Rock, BC appears to be for Craftsman Tattoo Parlour. A second address, 3033 - 232 Street Langley, BC appears to be that of an enterprise called 'Backyard Vineyards'
It is not known at this time if there is any relationship to high profile Montreal Hells Angel Frédéric Landry-Hétu, 47

Frédéric Landry-Hétu faced 29 charges including drug trafficking, gangsterism and conspiracy to traffic drugs when he was arrested in March 2013. According to the Quebec government's list of most-wanted criminals, Landry-Hétu also faces 22 murder charges.

He is considered a highly influential Hells Angels member, not only in his chapter but throughout the organization.

Frédéric Landry-Hétu

This space is doing work on establishing a possible connection to the Dominican Republic. In early 2015 the Toronto Sun reported that many of Quebec's most wanted criminals were hiding there.

A biker gang by the name of Los Barracos in the Dominican city of Cabarete became an official chapter of the Hells Angels in 2009.
The White Rock Chapter clubhouse of the Hells Angels is located at 21764 - 61 Avenue, Langley, B.C.

Pokémon Go player almost hit by driver playing Pokémon Go

Police say a woman playing Pokémon Go in a parking lot north of Toronto was nearly hit by a driver who was also playing the wildly popular smartphone game. Police in Innisfil, Ont., say the woman called to report nearly being hit around 2 a.m. Tuesday. They say that as officers were interviewing the woman, the driver returned and admitted to playing the game at the wheel. Investigators say the driver couldn’t be charged because no collision occurred, but they are urging players to be careful.

It isn't Poké-fatigue quite yet, but some of the excitement around Pokémon Go is starting to fade. After 20 days dominating the App Store, the mobile game has fallen to No. 2 in the US. Bitmoji took the crown from the mobile game, which remains No. 1 on Google Play.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Kelowna Gang small but dangerous - Kelowna Warriors

When RCMP arrested a member of a new street gang in Kelowna this month, it was a significant blow to the organization. “They are what we consider a low level street gang (present) only in the immediate Kelowna area,” police said. “You can count their members on two hands.”
The gang came to light last week when a cache of guns, drugs and a vest bearing an unfamiliar crest was displayed to the media by local police after a warrant was executed at a home in West Kelowna.

Tyson Bone was arrested and charged after multiple guns, weapons and drugs were seized from a West Kelowna home, along with a gang vest for the Kelowna Warriors.
The vest taken from the West Kelowna home included three patches, a central logo and the name of the city and gang above and below. “In order to wear the three-piece patch you have to get the consent of whichever outlaw groups control the area. In Kelowna it’s the Hells Angels.”

“One senior member has some past affiliation with the Manitoba Warriors,” he says. “They’re a well-established street level gang originating out of Winnipeg. They’re predominately First Nations.” Houghton however, stops short of calling the Kelowna Warriors a First Nations' gang.

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Colombian Cocaine Kingpin Sentenced to 35 years - 'El Loco' Daniel Barrera

A Colombian described as one of history's biggest cocaine dealers was sentenced to 35 years in prison Monday by a Manhattan judge who called the scope of his crimes "staggering." Known as El Loco, Daniel Barrera, 48, was sentenced by Judge Gregory Woods, who said "The scope of the offences here is staggering," "He is dangerous. ... Too short a sentence would provide him the opportunity to commit additional crimes."

The judge said evidence demonstrated that Barrera shipped at least 720 tons of cocaine from Colombia to the United States as part of a massive drug dealing operation that sent drugs to four continents and utilized a submersible vehicle. Barrera had admitted distributing 400 tons of cocaine annually from 1998 to 2011 with an organization backed by lethal drug cartels and terrorist groups.
Colombia's president personally announced in a speech the night Barrera was captured in Venezuela in 2012. Barrera was extradited to the U.S. in 2013. He pleaded guilty a year later. Colombian authorities have called him 'the last of the great kingpins'

Barrera was a key associate of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in drug retail and distribution. Barrera was an associate of alias "Negro Acacio" a renowned guerrilla commander.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Nintendo loses billions in value after 'Pokemon Go' truth bomb

Pokemon Go is an unprecedented success, but Nintendo recently admitted it won't directly profit from the augmented reality game, leading to a loss of $6.7 billion in Nintendo's market value on Monday.

"The income reflected on Nintendo's business is limited" the company wrote. Nintendo will produce the Pokemon Go Plus accessory, a plastic wearable that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and then lights up and vibrates when players encounter PokeStops or Pokemon.
The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum says it does not allow people to play "Pokemon Go" on their smartphones during visits to the former German death camp because it is "disrespectful". The request comes one day after the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. said the wildly popular app was "not appropriate in the museum"

Auschwitz authorities are asking game producers to exclude the site of the former Nazi German death camp from being a "pokestop," where players can play the game.
A traditional burial ground should be a No Go for Pokemon Go says a Lheidli T'enneh woman who wants to shut down a pokestop in an Indigenous graveyard in Prince George, B.C.

Police have had to warn the public about the dangers of playing the game while driving. In Sydney there were rumours of a 'rare' Porygon. Because of this hundreds of people spilled onto the main roads - to the annoyance of motorists.

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Stop a Douchebag - Breakthrough

"Stop a Douchebag" - is a Russian youth movement that attempts to enforce traffic regulations in Russia. Facebook: Twitter:

Horror at Beijing Safari World as tigers attack women

A woman is dead, and another severely injured after a tiger attack at Beijing Badaling Safari World. Part of the attack was captured in a surveillance video, which showed a Siberian tiger pouncing on one of the women.

At the wildlife park located near the Great Wall, visitors can watch animals in a safari-like setting, but are warned not to get out of their cars. While talking to her husband a tiger ran up behind her and knocked her down and dragged her away in a matter of seconds. The woman’s husband and her 57-year-old mother ran after the tiger in an attempt to rescue her. Off-camera, her mother was killed by a second tiger. The younger woman survived, and is at the hospital in serious condition.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fort McMurray Councillor Allan Vinni stiffs pregnant ex-employee

Allan Vinni
Councillor Allan Vinni is facing a lawsuit from a former lawyer at his firm over wages he allegedly owes her. Lianne Locke, 33, says she worked at Allan Vinni Law Office for three years until she was laid off on May 3, the day encroaching wildfires forced a city-wide evacuation of Fort McMurray.

Until then, she worked mostly in family law for the firm. In a statement of claim filed last Monday, she alleges Vinni owes her $15,000 in unpaid wages. She says the money was due May 1.
“I have sent him emails and text messages and voicemails indicating he owed me money, and they haven’t been answered,” she said in a Thursday evening phone interview from Windsor, Ont. Locke is eight months pregnant and already planned to spend her maternity leave in Ontario.

Locke says she was told she no longer had a job in an email sent May 18. Her statement says Vinni acknowledged some staff were still owed money at the time the email was sent. The statement says the last time Locke was paid was April 15. While the lawsuit is for $15,000, she says the total amount of unpaid wages could grow.
Vinni has garnered significant attention for his massive raise to $ 150,000 as Fort McMurray councillor and his recent venom against what he considers 'outsiders'.

 Mr. Allan Vinni arrived in Fort McMurray in 2002 to set up shop as a lawyer, which in this mind would make him as much of an 'outsider' to the community as those he seems to have an issue with.

“This truly is the land of opportunity for all.” - Allan Vinni

Allan Vinni

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