Sunday, April 13, 2014

TubbyWad reporting daily "revenues" now

Mr. Jason Allen reports


Virtutone Networks Inc. achieved a new daily revenue record of over $500,000 in revenue on Wednesday, April 9, 2014.

"This is a great milestone that we have achieved," said Jason Allen, chief executive officer of Virtutone. "Due to our strong balance sheet, we are leveraging our strong financial position to increase organic sales as we had projected, while maintaining our margins. We have also updated our investor presentation, which is available now on our website."
It just goes on and on. Tubby's margins are negative, have always been negative, and will ALWAYS be negative.

The reporting of numbers pulled from ample and fully disgusting anus, now daily apparently, is totally fukkin bogus. The regulator should have stopped phat arse's dopey stupidity months ago. At this rate TubbyWad will be reporting "revenues" by the minute.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Hawkshaw retires - Keggar Time for RIO stakeholders

Corporate reorganization can be nothing but good news for RIO shareholders as Mr. Hawkshaw decides its time to throw in the towel. We won't shed too many tears as the man has done very, very well here. Pfffft.

Anthony Hawkshaw, Rio Alto Mining Ltd.'s chief financial officer and director, has decided that he will not stand for re-election to the board of directors of the company and will retire, effective May 1, 2014. Mr. Hawkshaw has agreed to continue assisting the company in an advisory capacity as required.®ion=C

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Criminal Fraud - CEO openly lying on Stockhouse? - UPDATE

So our main suspect has just posted this ...

"2. In reply to Paragraphs 2 and 3 of Division 2 of the Response to Civil Claim, the Plaintiffs deny that they obtained the identity of Mr. Cooper prior to disclosure by Rogers Communications Inc. through illegal means such as computer hacking. The Plaintiffs suspected that Mr. Cooper was affiliated with the Stockhouse user account under the alias "Doobyus" as a result of statements made by Paul Hynek and John Carter, former business associates of Mr. Cooper, but did not have confirmation that Mr. Cooper was the registrant and sole operator of that user account until they received disclosure from Rogers Communications Inc."

So what? This is the reply to Cooper's defense. It seems strange we just got the street word of Cooper's defense itself and now our dope is posting the reply on SH?

Something for sure doesn't add up and we'll be pulling that file first thing in the morning. If this chit ain't in it I've got our man. Read more at
A poster on SH using the alias "BobGreenfield" has been caught red-handed spewing total falsehoods on the CCB.v thread.

That's nothing new of course but this particular poster is HIGHLY, and we do mean HIGHLY suspicious. The profile was registered on September 29, 2013 ... and this CEO registered "Smallcap52" on September 28, 2013. The material posted by this individual is amazingly in-depth into corporate affairs. Far too much in this opinion.
The direct and obvious falsehoods today were related to the Cooper court case.

Lets put this delicately. The CEO has been busted red-handed posting on SH with one profile. What would prevent the man from registering more than one profile? Not ethics certainly.

The falsehoods spewed by "BobGreenfield", if they were and are in fact authored by Robert Bruce Duncan, are fraudulent. We are on the case citizens and IF our suspicions are in fact true ...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Robert Bruce Duncan a PROVEN securities Bad Boy - Update IV

Status report - Robert Bruce Duncan is being compensated at the rate of $ 120k per annum and his WIFE Olga Nikitovic (CFO) is being paid 55k.

Pretty damn pathetic when one CANNOT find the critical disclosure of the CFO being FULLY intimate with the CEO. This venture deal is a poster boy for stupid sheeple. "Nuclear graphite" indeed.


After reading a few more of Mr. Duncan's many, many, many public utterances on Stockhouse this monkey is convinced the regulator has to halt this chit and the sooner the better.

We have a fukkin mountain of horsechit that SHOULD and MUST be shared among ALL shareholders, not just the 24/7/365 retards on Stockhouse.

TOTALLY unreal is what this deliberate offense is.


The intrepid reporter type from Neer Do Well has confirmed beyond any possible doubt that the main career K9 of Venture promo for complete dopos Canada Carbon Inc. - CCB.v Mr. Robert Bruce Duncan has and continues to post on Stockhouse.

How damn stupido and unbelievable is that exactly? After several generations of Venture scumbaggians NOBODY has ever had the massive ballular appendages to pull this off ... it is THAT grossly contrary to the O&D. (officers and directors exam)
Mr. Duncan's strategy is obvious. He baits the public while dishing up grossly improper disclosure on a nearly daily basis. Spending every waking hour on SH the man then pounces on any possible comment as a personal "threat" and immediate grounds for a corporate lawsuit.

And naturally Mr. Duncan has a multitude of supposed issues in the Supreme Court.
Now that we got the horrid turd dead to rights with rock solid evidence what's next? First off we compare notes with a few other public types to establish Mr. Duncan's bent intent.

Then we put it all in writing and drop it off to the useless tits at the BCSC on Friday. Our expectations are always low dealing with the retards "regulating" securities in B.C. In this particular case however even they will be forced to act. This is just too fukkin much.


Further to the pending written complaint regarding the blatant and outrageous activities of this CEO I have included just a very small sample of the type of material this man is posting on Stockhouse.

He has posted at least 82 times that we know about.

"Behold - Proof

If there was any doubt that there a number of people working in concert one only needs to view the reads of my last 3 posts. At the time of this post theres is 746 in my 7:44 pm post, 525 in my 8:09 pm post and 698 in my 8:25 pm.

As I have always maintained, there are a number of people involved and with all these refreshes it does appear that three or perhaps four people have been noodling away on the refresh key. This is very helpful. On Monday we will be able to ascertain through Stockhouse who were all the identities doing the refresh. Stockhouse has been very helpful in this matter to date as Chubster56/Pirate4 and of course bsmith knows. The extent of all your foolishness never amazes me.

In closing, bsmith despite all of your machinations, deflections and defamations please get your lawyer and some help. Please. Sincerely Read more at


Regarding WoolyBully All:

On January 19th, 2014 I was the beneficiary of a threatening inbox from WoolyBully. I had responded to that inbox copying my counsel and placed WoolyBully on ignore. This is being dealt with.

Earlier, on January 13th 2014 4:02 pm, WoolyBully inboxed, "I already agreed not to post here until the day you ask me back so whatever your answer here makes no difference how you reply to this. What I propose is to trade in my steak dinner for a truce between you two. I'll talk to TZero/Herman (that is his only 2 id's) and get him to never post on this board again if you give me your word he is no longer a concern or person of interest to you in any manner so long as he never posts on the CCB board again."

WoolyBully's unsolicited inbox proposal of January 13th, 2014 is just another confirnation that TZero/Herman-the-Vulture are the same person. The beneficial owner of these two identities posted multiple times on the CCB board, sometimes within just minutes of each other. What was the purpose of these actions - manipulation.

In closing, WoolyBully I find your continued behavior both inappropriate and actionable.

Bruce Duncan, CEO
Canada Carbon Inc.



RE:This board gets more interesting every day


We have delivered up a Notice to you with regard to your defamation and smear campaign. In the event you or counsel do not respond then litigation will commence - simple.

What's truly relevant is that you acknowledged the notice and that is all I need. You now cannot say you were not advised.

Govern yourseld accordingly.

Bruce Duncan, CEO
Canada CArbon Inc.



So that comes from the last half dozen posts or so. What was Robert Bruce Duncan spewing at the public in the many months BEFORE this rubbish? Ultra good question citizen lets take a gander.

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:options issued @0.25

My name is Bruce Duncan and I am the CEO of Canada Carbon. What exactly is your complaint? Your ugly innuendos about pump and dumps have crossed the line in our view. If you have an allegation then spit it out. It may help you to know that I have some pretty serious allegations too about you and others who have posted on this board. Since you like forums so much how are you with court rooms big fella?

I find it interesting that all you keyboard cowboys can hide behind your anonymous names and hurt honest shareholders in your wake. Do any of you fully understand the havock you wreak in your so called quest to save shareholders?? Your commentary is nothing more than a lie and I now say enough is enough!

CEO's and the corporations we represent have rights under the law to protect ourselves and the shareholders from people exactly like you. The same people who think that ending their libelous missuves with imo. Let me give you a nickel's worth of free legal advice - these "in my honest opinion" is not an indemity clause. You are still liable.

This garbage ends today. To the shareholders of CCB I am going to do something about this. Let's see how tough all these people really are when we are sitting in the same room as they answer for this egrigious misbehavior. You shareholders have hired me to advanced the corporations projects and protect its assets. It's a sad day that I have to go on Bullboard's to protect this Company from Cubby's obvious and malicious intent to adversly damage the Company

Chubby - you should probably read your in box. You and I plus several others have a date!

Bruce Duncan, CEO
Canada Carbon


Date: 10/17/2013 9:58:28 AM
Subject: CCB Post - David Lucatch, Bruce Duncan all had it planned out... Geniuses if you ask me, pumpers get bent over again, lol. Jinbag,

Your above post was just brought to my attention. My name is Bruce Duncan and I am the CEO of Canada Carbon and I have very serious concerns on this post. Are you alleging that I have perpetrated a fraud on the investing public? I am available to discuss this at 905-813-8408 to perhaps bring clarity to these misrepresentations. If you do not wish to contact me then I must demand that you immediately cease and desist this intentional defamation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bruce Duncan, CEO
Canada Carbon Inc.

copies: McMillan LLP

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tubby a Cornucopia of stupidity - VFX.v


Virtutone Networks Inc. has listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol 0VN (ISIN CA92828L1004, WKN A1XEPN). The company's shares will trade in euros on this exchange.

"Due to the overwhelming demand for Virtutone stock from European investors, we have listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which will allow European investors to easily trade Virtutone shares," said Jason Allen, chief executive officer of Virtutone. "We are excited that overseas investors see an opportunity to participate in Virtutone's multiyear growth plan."
DAMN says we with added gusto. HOW does tubbywad keep a semi-straight face dishing up this unbridled and fully insulting horsechit?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rio Alto Mining - Part II

There is much in the RIO Denmark to be highly concerned about. Sadly the documentary evidence and/or the direct personal knowledge of a highly connected type has not found our attention, yet.

That's a pisser given the many nasty allegations against the CFO, Mr. Hawkshaw. Suffice to say there is a very long track record of stakeholders getting the chit end of the stick and it appears RIO is the exact same manner of stick.
This management and its hangers-on are raping shareholders stupid, and that conclusion takes all of 3 seconds by examining disclosure and an IR function that would insult a pink sheet PoS. These GROTESQUELY overpaid slugs don't care one iota about either.

That's the Venture "slash and burn" taken to the next sickening level.
Put very simply RIO Alto Mining is on the down hill slide as the easy to process oxides are depleted. Insiders know this far better than most and are acting accordingly.

There is virtually no upside in a RIO "best case" world, and absolutely, positively none in a world where insiders can't be trusted as far as they can be thrown.
Much, by necessity, is being left unsaid. Lets just say a body who expends a minimal amount of due diligence on Rio Alto Mining will not like what they find, particularly as it relates to a CFO whom one is forced to rely on. It doesn't get a whole lot worse than this.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Latest from Harry Barr - going to pot

Ultra long running career venture K9 of Fire River Gold grotesqueness, Mr. Harry Barr, has another, for damn sure this time, winner. Sheeple are BOUND to win ALL their money back from the old scams.
And the latest and greatest venture promoter all too happy to flip off free trading paper of his latest fukkin disgrace to the GreekTardian? You guessed it citizen.

"Next Gen Metals Inc. ("Next Gen") (CSE: N, OTC Pink: NXTTF, FSE: M5BN) is pleased to announce an online marketing and awareness program through AGORACOM. Further to the release dated February 26th, 2014 “Next Gen Announces Plans to Diversify into the Legal Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Industries” the Company believes that working with AGORACOM will enhance Next Gen’s visibility and further its corporate objectives."
And naturally the internet is filling rapidly with complete HorseChit about the latest scamola bound to make the public as rich as Mr. Harry Barr.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tubby Revisited - VFX.v

Major market selloff means less than nothing to a Venture deal that has a float fully and completely cornered.
Unknown who it is exactly that would be throwing the baby's college fund at this horrid example of what's horribly wrong with the dopey Venture.

Meanwhile Tubby lassoed a CFO somehow. "Virtutone Networks Inc. has appointed Sergio Valacco as the new chief financial officer. "We welcome Sergio to the Virtutone team. His knowledge and experience is just what we were looking for to assist the company now and long term," said Jason Allen, president and chief executive officer.
No mention made of what manner of bean counter exactly butt, really, who cares?
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tubby reported a fly in February's ointment. "Virtutone generated revenues of approximately $7.7-million for the month of February, down from the previous month as the company focused on implementing the new technology and because February is a shorter month.

"We are very excited that the new technology was able to produce such a significant improvement in margins, the bulk of which flow to the bottom line," said Jason Allen, chief executive officer of Virtutone. "Now we will go back to focusing on increasing revenues and profits."

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rio Alto Mining - RIO.t - A securities disgrace Part I

Mr. Alex Black CEO,
This space has carried an interest in Rio Alto Mining ever since one of the internet's hobbits, Mr. Mark Turner over at Incakola spewed sweet nothings to his sheeple whilst insiders were selling to beat the band. tells us Mr. Black has 4.8m shares and Mr. Hawkshaw controls 3.8m shares. Co has around 177m shares outstanding.

Anthony Hawkshaw, CFO

Dr. Klaus Zeitler, Chairman of Board, Director
Our interest was piqued lately by the 100% horrid job of IR being "done." A review of the primitive corporate website reveals it has not been updated in more than 6 months. Disclosure and information was horribly dated and misleading, to the point that an IR professional I asked for a second opinion thought I was playing a prank.

The conclusion is that nobody cared enough to "do" a damn thing for shareholders whatever, and that conclusion is bolstered when the critical presentation is produced a whooping 3 times a year, whereas a REAL public company produces at least 4 and usually half a dozen per annum.

Alejandra Gomez, Manager Investor Relations
A testament to this grotesque incompetence is the ultra long running (years?) promise of a corporate "Fact Sheet" that has NEVER existed -

"Fact sheet: Please contact Alejandra Gomez at" And naturally of course Ms. Gomez cannot be bothered to answer e-mails.
The latest was the fact the top 2 cash compensation clocked in at a jaw dropping $5.7m, (excluding another $ 1.7m in "long term" compensation) ranking # 48 and # 49 on the highest paid executives in B.C.

48 Alexander Black, president and CEO Rio Alto Mining Ltd TSX:RIO Mining $2,889,108

49 Anthony Hawkshaw, CFO Rio Alto Mining Ltd TSX:RIO Mining $2,889,108

And what about insider trades then? That isn't looking too great either, particularly since there are a great number of $ .30 options needing to be cashed out within the next year.

Mar 4/14 Mar 3/14 Zeitler, Klaus M. Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -80,000 $2.42
Mar 4/14 Mar 3/14 Zeitler, Klaus M. Direct Ownership Common Shares 51 - Exercise of options 80,000 $0.300
Mar 4/14 Mar 3/14 Zeitler, Klaus M. Direct Ownership Options 51 - Exercise of options -80,000 $0.300
Mar 3/14 Feb 26/14 Gobitz, Victor Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -50,000 $2.20
Feb 4/14 Feb 3/14 Zeitler, Klaus M. Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -100,000 $2.19
Feb 4/14 Feb 3/14 Zeitler, Klaus M. Direct Ownership Common Shares 51 - Exercise of options 100,000 $0.300
Feb 4/14 Feb 3/14 Zeitler, Klaus M. Direct Ownership Options 51 - Exercise of options -100,000 $0.300
Jan 17/14 Jan 13/14 Kisic, Drago Guillermo Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -20,000 $1.70 USD

Stay tuned folks, we are just getting warmed up here.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Canada Carbon Inc - CCB.v - UPDATE IV

After not very much due diligence we have learned Mr. Duncan's first name is "Robert" or "Bert" to some of his closest friends.
ROBERT Bruce Duncan
We have a virtual cornucopia of turd flurry from our doughy nuts and this time our anti-hero is marching off to BCSC to seek redress for hurt feelings, again.

"Canada Carbon Inc. has filed a defamation suit in the Supreme Court of British Columbia against Paul Cooper, a former consultant to the company. According to the suit, Mr. Cooper posted a series of messages on Stockhouse that meant the company is a pump-and-dump and a scam. The posts damaged the reputations of Canada Carbon and its chief executive officer, Robert Bruce Duncan, the company complains."
The allegations are contained in a notice of claim that Canada Carbon filed at the Vancouver courthouse on Monday, March 3. Both the company and Mr. Duncan are plaintiffs. The suit identifies the sole defendant as Mr. Cooper, a resident of Mississauga, Ont., who worked as a consultant for the company from August, 2012, to April, 2013. The suit says little about how his work for the company ended, but it describes his termination as acrimonious. He has since gone to work for another graphite company, Saint Jean Carbon Inc.

Canada Carbon quotes five messages that Mr. Cooper allegedly posted on Stockhouse under the alias "Doobyus" in late 2013. They include one from Sept. 19, 2013, that called the company a "balloon filled with hot air." It stated that people who had "bought this dog will wish they hadnt" and that investors are "being fooled into thinking it will all magically turn into a mine." The post advised not to "look for the people running the show right now because they'll be long long gone with your money."®ion=C

BCSC lawyers charge $ 600 per hour plus, and triple that for court time. ANY lawsuit has the potential to cost six figures and far more than that if its a complete loss. Shareholder resources CONTINUALLY being throw away is what this abject stupidity is. It describes this Venture management perfectly.


R Bruce Duncan
Right on que our Duncan Doughy Nuts has announced the latest ... "Canada Carbon Inc. has approved the adoption of a shareholder rights plan, effective immediately. " to "to provide the board and the shareholders with more time to consider an unsolicited takeover bid".
Hardy the Fork Har Har Har says we, and whenever this massive rush for dead worthless paper materializes hell would have surely frozen over.®ion=C
Just in case anybody figures the blameless Mr. Duncan just let that loose lip slip a little bit ... the man apparently posted 80 TIMES. Which directors' exam is it that says this outrageous conduct is hunky dory? Stupid is what stupid does and one wonders what some Tards would do with themselves if not for the incompetent regulation of the venture bordello.

Canada Carbon Inc. has received apologies from a pair of Stockhouse posters who called the company a pump-and-dump.
The apologies come two months after the company won orders in the Supreme Court of British Columbia to identify the pair, who used the aliases "2guys" and "Jinbag." In their apologies, both users said they did not intend to refer to the company as a pump-and-dump, and Jinbag said he did not intend to suggest the company was run by crooks.

The company first complained about the pair in court on Nov. 1, 2013, when it filed petitions at the Vancouver courthouse seeking orders that would direct Stockhouse to identify the users. Canada Carbon said they wrote messages in September and October, 2013, that targeted both the company and its chief executive officer, Bruce Duncan. The messages implied that Mr. Duncan was dishonest and not trustworthy, the company claimed.

R Bruce Duncan

We cannot guess at the number of BCSC actions by Venture mutts against internet posters over the past few years. Dozens, certainly.

We have learned THIS TIME that there are many, many allegations that Mr. Duncan personally was posting, under the alias "SmallCap52". Is this not a classic case where a wicked Venture dope figures his chit don't stink and he can eat it too? Try suing this space Sir. Pfffft.

Another case of misuse and abuse of stakeholder resources for the protection of the massive large personal reputation of career Venture K9ery. And, a horse of course, its a deal nobody in their correct mind would touch.

"Phone Lines Are Open All:

For the next 3 hours feel free to contact me at 905-813-8408 or my counsel at 604-691-6864. The lines are open. I believe it is important to bring some reality to Ms. Smith's assertions that I do not exist. Hopefully Ms. Smith and her non-existent sister will get a reality check. The lines are now open for Ms. Smith's intervention.

Bruce Duncan, CEO Canada CArbon Inc.



On January 19th, 2014 I was the beneficiary of a threatening inbox from WoolyBully. I had responded to that inbox copying my counsel and placed WoolyBully on ignore. This is being dealt with.

How about this scenario citizens. Main man is doing grotesquely improper public disclosure while finding nothing better to do with his copious time than baiting internet posters so that they can be sued.

Interesting revenue generating model to say the fukkin least.