Saturday, March 21, 2015

Shemesian finances Brades Resource - BRA.v - Update Brian Biles

Michael Mihran Shemesian
A rolling Australian stoneturd gathers no fukkin moss in a brand new Venture clover patch and Mr. Mihran Shemesian has landed with juggernaut Brades Resource - BRA.v

"Brades Resource Corp. has appointed Michael (Mick) Shmazian as strategic adviser to the company. Mr. Shmazian has over 25 years in the mineral exploration industry, and is the founder and chairman of Exchange Minerals Ltd., a private Dubai-based equity investment company established in 2005. Through a strong global network of consultants and companies, Exchange Minerals has been involved in the successful acquisition, exploration and development of a number of mineral, and oil and gas projects in Australia, Europe and Africa.

The company also announces that it has granted 2.7 million stock options to directors, officers and consultants of the company at a value of eight cents that will expire on March 5, 2017."

It appears the last foray by Many Names didn't fly as expected so THIS TIME he's figured out a better way to do things by NOT becoming a director. Sadly Mick that means nada to the regulators and as far as I know they still actually expect people to use their REAL NAMES. Go figure.

There is much about Many Names that can't be spewed here. Lets just say his determination to invade Canada with his particular brand of Oz kangaroo chit is very necessary for him personally and all bad for the public in North America.
Mr. Brett Matich was the thin edge of the wedge a few years ago and if there weren't enough dead crooked home grown securities turds here already the next wave of Oz organized crime bikie types will make sure of it.

So what about the BCSC? Does this mean Venture capitalists can call themselves ShitzBaz III in documents if they want to? It would not surprise me with THOSE amazing "people". The tiny details, like actual fukkin identity, sure as chit doesn't slow down the likes of Mr. Michael Mihran Shemesian.

So a body sure doesn't need to look far to smell the stench here. Director extraordinary Mr. BRIAN BILES

"This decision relates to a hearing and review under section 28 of the Securities Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 418, of a decision of a disciplinary hearing committee of the Vancouver Stock Exchange.

The decision under review, dated April 18, 1996, related to allegations against Brian Biles contained in a citation issued by the Exchange on November 13, 1995. The hearing panel found that Biles had committed numerous infractions of the Exchange’s rules and by-laws. The panel fined Biles $40,000, ordered him to pay the costs of the hearing and withdrew the Exchange’s approval for five years, the withdrawal to be suspended if certain conditions were fulfilled.",_et__al___Decision_/

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Robert Bruce Duncan spanked by OSC - CCB.v - UPDATE

Our anti-hero continues to insult and this time, again, we MUST wonder what our man is using for grey material.

MOST busted red-handed securities retards would have figured out that its time to cease and desist. Does that apply to Mr. Robert Bruce Duncan and his very open posting on SH?

To: Arctic99
Date: 3/13/2015 11:08:54 AM
Subject: Your Defamatory Comments are Duly Noted
"Without Prejudice"

As you know, there are legal remedies for slander and libel and this inbox will serve as Canada Carbon's only notice to you. Absent a retraction and apology regarding your outrageous and egregious statements by Monday, March 16, 2015 Canada Carbon will review our legal options including obtaining a court order seeking your identification from Stockhouse.

Govern yourself accordingly.

Bruce Duncan, CEO
Canada Carbon Inc

I gave you notice privately to adhere to our caution and since you cared to mischaracterize the notice I am now presenting the notice for all to see.

Bruce Duncan, CEO
Canada Cabon Inc.

ps. I am available at 905-813-8408 if you care to reconsider your position as others have done."

Robert Bruce Duncan
Robert Bruce Duncan puts yet ANOTHER feather in that dopey cap of his. Take yet ANOTHER bow Sir, you are a flaming securities reprobate and dufus fully beyond polite description in normal company.

Pffffffft !!!!

As a result of a continuous disclosure review by the staff of the Ontario Securities Commission, Canada Carbon Inc. is issuing the following news release to retract and clarify its disclosure.

Restricted disclosure of economic analysis

National Instrument 43-101 restricts the disclosure of the results of an economic analysis prior to completing at least a preliminary economic assessment based on at least inferred mineral resources to support the disclosure.

The company's corporate presentations dated January, 2015, and February, 2015, contained statements which may have been potentially misleading, in that they related to topics such as forecast production rates, operating cost estimates, potential product sales and potential years of mine life. Given that the company's April 25, 2014, technical report on the Miller graphite property does not address mineral resources, it is potentially misleading for the company to disclose information related to anticipated economic viability and planned production."

TOTALLY unreal is the Hapless Donut Gang and LeaderTard Robert Bruce Duncan. For the good of the public that wicked large K9 should be banned from Canadian securities markets for an extended period.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Meet Danny (Boy) Terrett - CCB IR turd

Dan Terrett
Hot off the presses is further clarification of the members of the "Hapless Donut Gang".

Lets put em together for Robert Bruce Duncan numero uno bummy boy Mr. Dan Terrett.

Also now on our radar are the twisted sisters who, drumroll, have much experience working for SH.
So the public has long wondered how "Bob Greenfield" could possibly have such in-depth knowledge of the goings on at CCB.v and others have wondered how supposed private information on SH posters could have been obtained by pure scum.

For this monkey's money we have all the answers we need to drop this load of pure chit into OSC lap forthwith.

Larry Hoover

Thursday, February 26, 2015

TubbyWad fully toasted finally - VFX.v

"Jason Allen, president and chief executive officer, and Bill Woods, chief financial officer, have relinquished control of the company to BDO as bankruptcy trustee and, effective immediately, are no longer officers of the company.

Harold Baxandall, Ron Long and Jason Allen have resigned their positions as directors of the company, effective immediately."
Takes MANY moons for this dead pure scam to expire and thank the useless as wicked hell regulators once again. Unbelievable.

We say it over and over and its ALWAYS true. Avoiding scams ain't rocket science. The instant tubbywad was willing to flip off stakeholder's paper to the GreekTard with zero control over dilution was the instant this PoS was very clearly doomed.

The GreekTard has seen fit to pass along regards to those buried in VFX.v, and really Georgie, you forgot to mention exactly HOW MUCH free trading paper you got for luring the public into purchasing this fukkin chit.

Re: What!!!!!!

in response to What!!!!!! by seahawks
posted on Jan 16, 15 05:57PM 

Hi, Seahawks. We're just as surprised as anyone about this development and trying to reach management for further comment.
To clarify your statement, Virtutone is a sponsor/advertiser of AGORACOM. We run their ads on the site and report the news issued by the company. We don't make buy recommendations.

FEATURE: Virtutone Networks (VFX:TSX-V) Net Revenues of $39.6M for Q3 2014

posted on Jan 13, 15 04:36PM


  • Net revenues reached $39,601,691 for the third quarter of 2014, an increase of $27,371,111 (Read Release)
  • $48,823,623 in Revenues for the Year Ended Jan 31, 2014 (Read Release)
  • Gross profit increased to $1,562,478 - Year Ended Jan 31, 2014

So naturally the "news" hit and OMG those zillions in revenues from unnamed types are all bad debts and this enterprise is bankrupt. Damn tis. Now WHO, 18 months ago, saw this wicked crooked horsechit coming? Its never rocket science and phat boy proves it in freakin spades.
And lets put them together for ANOTHER "success" from AgoraScam. GreekTards and crooks seem to go together, a body best make a note of that. Pffft.

"One of Virtutone Networks Inc.'s biggest clients based in London, United Kingdom, has not been able to make payments of a total amount of $13.8-million (U.S.) to the company. Virtutone's management has taken all the necessary steps in order to get payment but so far to no avail. Considering the importance of the amount involved, Virtutone had no other alternatives than to reduce costs to the minimal as well as to lay off all staff, excluding Jason Allen, chief executive officer, as well as William N. Woods, chief financial officer, and is now suspending operations to concentrate all efforts on obtaining payment. The outcome of these efforts being uncertain, there is no guarantee that Virtutone will be able to resume operations. Virtutone's management is currently undergoing a strategic review of available options and recourses in light of the current circumstances. The company's management will provide further updates as to progress of the situation and actions to be taken.

Our overfed phat boy has requested a trading halt for news, and that is probably a good thing because everybody and their blind dog already KNOWS what the fukkin news is gonna be ...

Jason Allen

VFX-Sad day
Virutone Networks info.
Have closed their doors at the main office in Sherwood Park.
Have laid off most of their employees.
Have discontinued customer support, noboby in office, shut up tighter than Fort Knox.
Have not paid their bills.
I made over 40 calls over the last 3 days, check for yourself 780 702 5777. Tried every extention and got picked up by a gal that had the phone forwarded to her but said nothing.

Mr. Jason Allen reports


Virtutone Networks Inc. achieved a new daily revenue record of over $500,000 in revenue on Wednesday, April 9, 2014.

"This is a great milestone that we have achieved," said Jason Allen, chief executive officer of Virtutone. "Due to our strong balance sheet, we are leveraging our strong financial position to increase organic sales as we had projected, while maintaining our margins. We have also updated our investor presentation, which is available now on our website."
It just goes on and on. Tubby's margins are negative, have always been negative, and will ALWAYS be negative.

The reporting of numbers pulled from ample and fully disgusting anus, now daily apparently, is totally fukkin bogus. The regulator should have stopped phat arse's dopey stupidity months ago. At this rate TubbyWad will be reporting "revenues" by the minute.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

WA Bikie Gang Busted

THREE members of WA’s most newly established outlaw motorcycle club – the Lone Wolf bikie gang – have been arrested following the seizure of $1 million in drugs and almost $800,000 in cash.
Police say the bust will prove a major blow for the club who only established themselves in WA last year with a clubhouse in Canning Vale.

More than 1kg of crystal methamphetamine and $799,000 in cash were allegedly seized on Friday following a three month joint WA Police and Australian Federal Police operation.
Police also seized club jackets from the three members and bullet proof vests. Assets were also seized and restrained including the gang’s clubhouse in Canning Vale, three cars and six Harley Davidson motorbikes.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mick "many names" Shemesian invades Venture

Latest from our friends in Oz is the revelation that Mik is following in the footsteps of Brett Matich and looking to Canada for the next series of fertile fields.
Word has Australian securities regulators cracking down on the worst of the scuzzybaggians, thus the rush into BCSC jurisdiction.

Back in January ... "Actus Minerals Corp. (TSX VENTURE:AAC) is pleased to announce that at the Company's recent Annual General and Special Meeting of shareholders, the Company's shareholders approved all items presented for voting. Most notably, shareholders approved the appointment of Mr. Michael (Mick) Shmazian to its board of directors, to fill the positions of Mr. John deHart and Mr. Daniel Coch, both of whom did not stand for re-election.
"Mr. Shmazian has over 25 years in the mineral exploration industry and is the Founder and Chairman of Exchange Minerals Limited, a private, Belgium based, equity investment company established in 2005. Through a strong global network of consultants and companies, Exchange Minerals has been involved in the successful acquisition, exploration and development of a number of mineral and oil and gas projects in Australia, Europe and Africa."

This citizen believes the stream of crooked Oz turds may become a bloody damn flood. Granted Mr. Matich has impressed absolutely NOBODY with his particular brand of Oz kangaroo chit since arriving, the appearance of Mick in our backyard ain't good for the Canadian public, at all.


As many know of course, the Matich team of Paul and Brett along with Michael Mihran Shemesian have controlled many A.S.X. listed companies such as ACCLAIM, AZTEC, FOX, RANGE to name just a few. All were involved in the failed YANDAL float with their close friend Michael James Giovinazzo.

Latest discovery is Mick's website where he misspells his own name, but that's nothing compared to a dozen different ways in various ASIC filings.

And what a master of self promotion or what .... "Schmazian (sic) has had more than luck, he has a track record of success that can only be achieved through intense study and mastering your craft."
The phone number for Actus (AAC.v) is the same phone number for Scorpio Gold. (TSX-V:SGN) aka Peter J. Hawley. So whats the fukkin deal? No clue what it means precisely, yet, but its appearing there are many, many venture fingers waiting for this flow of 100% fully dirty mob cashola.

Work continues and now we are looking at what 0924682 B.C. Ltd. ("NumberCo") is all about. First thing is a confirmation of what we knew already ... i.e. "The principal of Ariel Partners, Benjamin Hill, is a qualified barrister with a background in private practice and in-house roles with a variety of globally based investment banks before joining RAB Capital in 2004."

This came from Shoshoni Gold 2012-09-10. Significance? "NumberCo" is part Many Names, along with Ariel Partners.
Supposed massive financiers for Actus AAC.v, Ariel Partners LLP appear little more than a newly created shell. Trails lead back to Oz and WA, naturally.

Albion Petroleum Ltd. ("Albion") (TSX VENTURE:ABP.H) is involved with our boys and recently announced a qualifying transaction. David Shaw is the President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Albion. (and a director of
Allegation? Nada so far. (for now pffffft.) Mr. Shaw is keeping some DAMN scuzzy friends and FR.t is sticking its arse around some 1000% dopey corners is all.

"Albion Petroleum Ltd. (the "Corporation" or "Albion") (TSX VENTURE:ABP.H), a capital pool company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange Inc. (the "Exchange" or "TSXV") announces that it has entered into a letter of intent dated May 15, 2014, as amended (the "LOI"), with Sundance Minerals Ltd. ("Sundance"), First Majestic Silver Corp. ("First Majestic") and 0924682 B.C. Ltd. ("NumberCo") pursuant to which: (i) Sundance will acquire all of the issued and outstanding securities of NumberCo and all of the issued and outstanding securities of Minera Terra Plata, S.A. de C.V. ("Terra Plata"), an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of First Majestic."
Damian Antony Conboy - (age 38) holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia. Mt Lawley High School. He began his career at Potter Warburg stockbrokers in Perth, Western Australia. He moved to UK in 1999.

More recently, he worked as Managing Director of Exchange Minerals Limited of which he was a director. In August 1999, Mr Conboy was barred by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ("ASIC") from acting as a representative of a securities dealer or an investment adviser in Australia for a period of two years. ASIC found that Mr Conboy did not perform his duties efficiently, honestly and fairly and was not a fit and proper person to be a representative.

Currently, the following individuals are shown as directors of Exchange Minerals ...

ALLIED TRUST COMPANY LIMITED, secretary, 1 Oct 2009-
ANTONY BRYANS, director, 14 Dec 2010-
MICHAEL LEZALA, director, 14 Dec 2010-
MICHELLE CLARK, director, 14 Dec 2010-

After not very much work at all we figure out the Greenland authorities are talking about Range Resources.

"Range holds a 20% working interest in two Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs) for the Nugaal and Dharoor Blocks. These concessions encompass two highly prospective hydrocarbon basins covering an area of approximately 40,000km2."

"Late last year, Greenland MP Sara Olsvig (tipped by some as a future prime minister) wrote to the country’s minister of industry and minerals, Jens-Erik Kirkegaard. She demanded details about any and all of GMEL’s shareholders, after Australian media outlets had raised allegations about both the company back in 2009 and mining prospector Mihran Shemesian, also known as "Mick Many Names".

In 2009, Fairfax media claimed that Shemesian controlled more than 20% of GMEL stock. Range Resources, another company tied to Shemesian, had earlier been accused of paying the disputed government of the Puntland State of Somalia, linked to Somali rebels, more than $US6m ($A9.3m) for resource rights to the region."
Sadly the 10 new corpses were not necessary because all the boyotards found was water. I doubt any of em are losing sleep.

Another interesting connection in that Horn Petroleum of the Lundin stable had the arrangement with these boyos in the area as operator. Talk about getting the very dirty work done by others.

One man in Beletweyne, when asked why people were being executed, told Human Rights Watch: “You must know one thing, in Beletweyne nowadays killing someone doesn’t need whys, it needs the militiamen to decide to kill you, and that is it.

Too interesting is the recent material coming out of Greenland, which coincided almost perfectly with Many Names move into the Venture. (translated)

Greenland rejects study of mining company : Brokerage from the Mafia

According to an article which appeared in Information 28 November, the Australian parent GMEL's' founder, former and possibly current majority shareholder "a tarnished reputation. He has' been a central figure in the Italian-Australian mafia as a mediator in civil law disputes, "it is claimed. He also, according to the Chronicle control of an oil company who paid 'the disputed government in Puntland province (in Somalia, ed.) Nearly 50 million dollars. "Money that chronicle the ears claim has 'funded' militias allegedly responsible for 10 local Somalis died after clashes with locals, "who responded to Puntland militia and the oil company's violations of its territory."
Chronicle ears whereas what is written on the relevant shareholder in the Australian press. Chronicle does not mention the name, but in the case of the Australian businessman Michael Mihran Shemesian, according to articles from 2009 in deaustralske newspapers The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald at the time owned about. 20 per cent. of the shares in GMEL. Information has asked GMEL whether Shemesian is part of the company, which chronicle the ears claim. It rejects GMEL.

'This person is not a shareholder in Greenland Minerals and Energy, "writes the company, which also denies that he is the founder, although he at one time been" minority shareholder ".

"It seems very ridiculous to the writers behind the Chronicle will discredit Greenland Minerals and Energy decency and credibility. This is done by presenting examples of previous mindretalsaktionærs possible shareholding in another company unconnected to Greenland Minerals and Energy, which has been involved in seemingly highly problematic situations. '

Work continues on the many, many activities of Mick Many Names. The official count of misspellings in ASIC documents stands at 13.

Nov 08, 2009 (The Australian - ABIX via COMTEX) -- Michael Mihran Shemesian has been linked to a number of Australian companies, although the spelling of his name has often changed. Shemesian is listed as the sole director of Clara Resources under the name "Mihran Chammassian" and was listed under the name "Mick Shmazian" after the sale of his Cape Lambert Iron Ore stake in 2008. He also faced drugs charges under the name "Mihran Shemessian" in the 1990s and was listed in court documents as "Mr Shamazian".

Michael Mihran Shemesian
Publication Date: 9 November 2009 -
Actus Minerals Corp. AAC.v Announces Board Changes Jan 14 2014.

"Most notably, shareholders approved the appointment of Mr. Michael (Mick) Shmazian to its board of directors, to fill the positions of Mr. John deHart and Mr. Daniel Coch, both of whom did not stand for re-election. Mr. Shmazian has over 25 years in the mineral exploration industry and is the Founder and Chairman of Exchange Minerals Limited, a private, Belgium based, equity investment company established in 2005."
We have Brett Matich all over half a dozen Venture PoSs already and wowsers does his description of massive success with Krap-X sound a tad contrary to the FACT every public idiot got severely burned by a group of career K9s.

"In his move to Cap-Ex, Brett Matich joined and within a year built one of Canada’s most successful exploration companies. Cap-Ex Ventures was ranked the number-three mining company on the Toronto Stock Exchange’s 2012 TSX Venture 50 list."
Even Forbes and Manhattan couldn't stand the stench and that says something.