Friday, August 26, 2016

Burglar wearing goalie gear wanted in heinous Manitoba beer heist

Police in Manitoba are searching for two men wanted in a beer store robbery earlier this month in which one of the suspects used an unusual disguise. RCMP in Russell, Manitoba say one of the men was dressed up as a hockey goalie, “wearing a blocker, trapper and carrying a goalie stick.”

Surveillance video shows the two suspects stickhandling up to the establishment. They smash a door and make their way to the cooler where they grab several cases of beer before making their getaway.
“He may have been a defenceman or forward in disguise as he was wearing jersey #17 – a non-traditional number for goalies,” read a description from eagle-eyed police.

“Anyone with information about this theft or has played against a goalie matching this description is asked to call Russell RCMP.”

Trump "flip-flop" on immigration - Not so says Ketrina Pierson - “He's just changed the words he's saying”

On Wednesday night, Donald Trump dropped the biggest flip-flop of his campaign by reversing his harsh immigration stance. Instead of sticking with his mass deportation plan Trump declared his intent now is to only boot the “bad” immigrants. As for the “good” ones, he thinks “we can work with them” as long as they pay back taxes and don’t mind the Wall, which will still be built.

Katrina Pierson had been absent from CNN for a week after stupidly claiming on the network that “Barack Obama went into Afghanistan”. She was attempting to defend her boss’s claim that the President “is the “founder of ISIS.” Well, she’s back — and just in time to spin chit on Donald Trump’s immigration policy reversal.
Pierson was adamant that Trump is still saying exactly what he’s been saying all along, and Trump has simply grabbed a metaphorical thesaurus because “Everyone on the news is saying that he is a bigot and that he is a racist because of the words he uses.”

VPD says fentanyl in nearly all street drugs - overdose spike continues

Vancouver Police say fentanyl has made its way into nearly every drug on the street, as a suspected bad batch of drugs led to a second day of overdoses at Vancouver’s supervised injection site. Vancouver Coastal Health says there were 12 overdoses at Insite Wednesday, on top of the 14 reported Tuesday.

Typically the facility sees one or two a day, and up to seven on welfare day. Vancouver Coastal Health said that the recent overdoses have been linked to several different street drugs.
Meanwhile, with welfare cheques hitting the street, Insite is keeping its supervised injection facility open around the clock Wednesday-Friday.

There were 433 deaths recorded between Jan. 1 and July 31, a nearly 75-per-cent increase compared with the same period in 2015. The total number of overdose deaths in July was 52, down from 61 in June. Statistics show the number of deaths between Jan. 1 and June 30 where fentanyl was detected has leapt to 238, a 250-per-cent increase over the same period last year.
We will note that the highly 'religious' Dennis James Watson is vociferously opposed to safe injection sites and says "Vancouver's safe injection site has been a complete failure" Thank GOD nobody listens to hypocrite retards, right Dennis?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Anthony Getschel charged in death of former UFC fighter Ryan Jimmo - Update

Anthony Getschel, right, Jordan Wagner center
Former UFC light heavyweight Ryan Jimmo proposed to his girlfriend Roxie Reece, hours before he was fatally struck by two assailants in a truck at a parking lot in Edmonton. Jimmo was involved in a verbal altercation before he was hit by the vehicle. The men in the truck, Anthony Getschel and Jordan Wagner, fled but were arrested less than a week later.

Reece said they came from the movies where Jimmo had proposed to her, and were on their way home when the truck began tailgating them. "So we took a left to let them go by. They followed Ryan even more close. And so now he and I were both like 'OK what's going on?' And then he took the first right into that parking lot … I had no clue where we were at," Reece recalled. "So these guys pulled up real close right behind Ryan, almost as if they were going to hit us, and we both felt nervous. And Ryan felt the need to do something because we didn't want them following us out of there. It was kind of scary. There was something not right there and I didn't know what was going on."

After a conversation, the two men hit Jimmo, then sped off. Jimmo was rushed to a hospital, but was pronounced dead hours later due to blunt force trauma.

Anthony Getschel
Police in Edmonton have charged two people in the hit-and-run death of former UFC fighter Ryan Jimmo. Jimmo was fatally injured early Sunday following a verbal argument that escalated into a fight in the parking lot of a bar. Jimmo died from blunt force trauma after being run over by a vehicle.

Anthony Getschel, 23, faces several charges, including second-degree murder and criminal negligence causing death. Jordan Wagner, 21, is charged with accessory after the fact to murder.

Ryan Jimmo with his mother Linda in July 2010
Edmonton police are investigating the hit-and-run death of former UFC fighter Ryan Jimmo. Investigators say Jimmo, 34, was fatally injured early Sunday morning following an altercation in a parking lot.

Police say he had approached the driver of a vehicle and was walking back to his own car when he was struck by a truck, which then fled the scene.
Jimmo, who was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, was pronounced dead in hospital. Jimmo went 19-5 in his MMA career, with a 3-4 record in seven UFC fights, his last fight being a loss to Francimar Barroso at UFC Fight Night 67 in May 2015.

The native Maritimer had most recently lived in Arizona after stints in Edmonton and Halifax.

Ex-Hells Angel sues Ottawa cops after panic attack over T-shirt

Michael Clairoux says he injured himself when he fell during a panic attack while in custody following his arrest on July 1, 2014. As well, he says, the arrest has aggravated his PTSD symptoms.

Two police officers took exception to his Hells Angels T-shirt and Clairoux began to experience a “high level of anxiety and feared a panic attack,” reaching for his medical marijuana. He showed police his licence but was arrested for illegal possession. The charge was withdrawn before his first scheduled court appearance.
Clairoux claimed injuries: “While still in police custody, the plaintiff suffered a serious panic attack and fell to the ground and suffered injuries to his left shoulder, his right knee, and strained his lower back. In addition to the physical injuries, and of greater significance, the incident has affected the plaintiff’s post-traumatic stress syndrome. The effects have included difficulty sleeping."

Clairoux is suing to recover $2,000 in legal expenses, and is also seeking $60,000 in general and punitive damages. The former Hells Angel is facing trial for an unrelated, major marijuana trafficking operation.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dennis James Watson slags Hells Angels yet again

"Sonny Barger is announcing that he has officially rejoined the Oakland chapter and is heading home with the pimps and baby killers."

'Religious' Dennis James Watson's balls have grown exponentially larger with his newly found unmasking a year ago and truly, if we suspected a mental illness before we are certain of it now. Truth is Mr. Dennis James Watson feels he can say ANYTHING he pleases in public, slagging Hells Angels, gangsters and innocent teens (it matters not which it is) without any repercussions whatever.
Lets recap. In the past few weeks he has openly supported the terrorists Nuttall and Korody, he has viciously slagged a dead man in Rob Ford, and he has supported the 'falun gong' even though he is very clearly clueless about the entire issue. He now redoubles his efforts to slag the Hells Angels and it's founder Sonny Barger for reasons only another mental case could possibly guess.

Mr Dennis James Watson is very much like a fart in the wind, happily spreading his public stench whichever way the wind happens to be blowing in that 'mind' of his.
Too true fact here is the entire HA premise lives or dies on respect. In order to even be considered a street gang that respect must be there ... if it isn't the Hells Angels are a group of little old women in a knitting club.

Mr. Dennis James Watson has been disrespecting the Hells Angels for years, and that disrespect has now gained intensity and stridency since his open unveiling to the world. He must believe he is fully untouchable and can do and say whatever the fuck he pleases.
Based upon what we have documented here is he incorrect in this thinking? We have recorded much lately and the British Columbia Hells Angels are making themselves out as TOTAL and COMPLETE fucking pussies. If they won't make a stand against the likes of Mr. Dennis James Watson do they intend to EVER make a stand against civilians who jerk off in their faces? If not the streets are wide open for a real gang ... one not 'afraid' to take executive action when it's very clearly needed and required to maintain respect.

Woman faces prison, fine for giving pigs water - Eric Van Boekel

Anita Krajnc The trial for an Ontario animal rights activist begins Wednesday as she fights a mischief charge after giving water to pigs on their way to a slaughterhouse last summer.

Anita Krajnc was charged after the pigs' owner, Eric Van Boekel, filed a complaint with police shortly after the incident that occurred in June 2015. Van Boekel vowed he “will go to the full extent of the law to stop them.”
In December the Crown announced it intended to proceed by summary conviction, which would carry a maximum sentence of six months in jail, a $5,000 fine, or both. She was initially charged with criminal mischief after clashing with the driver of a tractor-trailer carrying pigs to an Ontario pork processing plant.

Krajnc tried to give the pigs water as the vehicle was stopped at a traffic light on the way to the Fearmans Pork processing facility, about 45 miles south-west of Toronto.

Jeffery Veldjesgraaf
A video of the incident shows the driver, identified in court documents as Jeffery Veldjesgraaf, climbing from the vehicle to confront Krajnc. “Jesus said, ‘If they are thirsty, give them water,’” she tells him.

Veldjesgraaf responds: “You know what? These are not humans, you dumb frickin’ broad.”

Ontario hog farmer Eric Van Boekel, who owned the pigs, filed a police complaint the next day.
"Oxford County hog farmer Eric Van Boekel is required to pay $120,000 in fines after pleading guilty to charges under the Ontario Water Resources Act, stemming from incidents on two separate farms in the county. Van Boekel was originally charged in 2007 after manure from a spill at a hog farm operated by Van Boekel Holdings Inc. on Braemar Sideroad in the Township of East-Zora Tavistock made its way into the Thames River.

Two days later it was discovered that manure on a farm operated by Van Boekel Hog Farms Inc. on Maple Dell Road in Norwich Township had been seeping into Sweets Creek as well. Van Boekel and each of the two companies, of which Van Boekel is director, were found guilty in January 2012 of charges under the Environmental Protection Act, the Nutrient Management Act and the Ontario Water Resources Act, and sentenced to 30 days in jail and a total of $345,000 in fines."
Hog manure discharges frequently cause serious adverse effects on neighbours and the environment. Van Boekel was fined for the same offense in 1994.

Van Boekel Hog Farms
245455 Milldale
Otterville, ON, N0J 1R0, Phone: (519) 879-9898

(519) 469-9187

Eric Van Boekel said he felt he'd been the focus of "a witch hunt" by the Ministry of the Environment.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Environment ministry spent $6,662 on photos of Catherine McKenna - ready to blow $ 19,900

Catherine Mckenna
The federal Conservatives say Environment Minister Catherine McKenna needs to repay money paid to a photographer during a climate change conference in Paris last year.

Documents obtained under the Access to Information Act indicate McKenna’s department paid a French photojournalist nearly $11,000 to take pictures of the minister and her staff during the COP21 conference. McKenna's office initially reported the cost as $6,662, then told CTV News the amount was reported in Euros, so was worth $10,681.

Today McKenna said the cost had been reported correctly the first time (duh ahuck) and the $6,662 figure was the actual cost.
“Photos, like press releases, social media and other communications tools, are a way to communicate to Canadians the work the government is doing on their behalf,” said McKenna’s spokesperson.
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation questioned whether the contract with the photographer was a good use of government money.

“Should taxpayers really be on the hook for what are essentially vanity photos for ministers? I don’t think there’s a compelling argument there,” said CTF federal director Aaron Wudrick.

Government records suggest ECCC was prepared to spend even more on photos if necessary. The value of the contract is listed on its website at over $19,900 and classified as “management consulting.”

Jane Philpott
Environment Minister Catherine McKenna defended her ministry's decision. "Pictures are an important part of how we transmit our message ..." The image gallery from the conference was posted to the department's Flickr account — which has 56 users. The photo contract revelation comes one day after Health Minister Jane Philpott said she would repay $520 billed to taxpayers to access Air Canada lounges in North America and Europe.

Last week, Philpott also said she would repay $3,700 in limo services paid to one of her politico cronies.
See ----->

Hells Angels coming back to Thunder Bay

The Hells Angels Ontario logo appeared at a building on Simpson Street in Thunder Bay in JanuaryThunder Bay police say despite a raid about 10 years ago that shut down the local chapter, the Hells Angels continue to have a presence in the city. They say there are still members of the organization in town, but they're connected with the Hamilton chapter.

The Thunder Bay chapter was effectively shut down in 2006 after a large-scale investigation led to multiple arrests and the seizure of the club house on Heron Street.

Simpson Street building, Thunder Bay
Thunder Bay police also raided a Simpson Street building in 2014 they claimed was a club house for the group. Police say the area is a lucrative market for the drug trade and this makes it attractive. Police said it's significant that the logo currently visible on Simpson Street says 'Hells Angels Ontario' instead of 'Hells Angels Thunder Bay.'

The main difference is the local clubhouse is part of the Ontario chapter, meaning there are not enough members (6 required) to create a full-fledged Thunder Bay chapter.

Former Hells Angels clubhouse, at the corner of McKenzie and Heron Streets

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hells Angels cop informant Benoît Roberge gets day parole

Benoît Roberge, 53, was granted his release following a hearing held on Monday before the Parole Board of Canada.

Roberge pleaded guilty on March 13, 2014, to participating in or contributing to the activities of a criminal organization and to committing a breach of trust as a police officer. He was sentenced to an overall prison term of eight years. On the date he was sentenced, on April 4, 2014, he had seven years and three months left to serve on the sentence.
Roberge sold information to René (Balloune) Charlebois, a Hells Angel incarcerated in a federal penitentiary, a fact that emerged after the biker escaped, on Sept. 14, 2013, and then committed suicide while still on the lam 12 days later.

Benoît Roberge
At the time of his escape, Charlebois was serving a life sentence for having murdered a police informant in 2000. 10 recorded conversations proved Roberge had been selling police intelligence to Charlebois. Much of the information touched on three separate drug-trafficking investigations involving members of the Hells Angels that were ongoing at the time.

The recordings contained phone conversations between René Charlebois and Roberge.

Hells Angel René Charlebois

Hells Angel Salvatore Cazzetta
Some reveal how Charlebois and another top-ranking member of the Hells Angels, Salvatore Cazzetta, arranged to pay Roberge. In one instance, Charlebois explains to Roberge how he will pay him $100,000.

“We’ll do it like we did the last time: leave your car on the side, and leave the doors unlocked. We’ll put the money on your backseat. You’ll pick it up later,” Charlebois said on the tape. Charlebois was a member of the elite “Nomad” group of Hells Angels and very close to Hells Angel leader Maurice “Mom” Boucher.

Salvatore Cazzetta

Benoît Roberge
Roberge played a key role in putting many leaders of the Hells Angels behind bars, before retiring from the police force to work for Revenue Quebec. His arrest prompted the Montreal police force to launch an internal investigation to determine if other officers might be implicated.

Roberge's lawyer said at the time the sentence sends a strong message to police informers that their security won't be compromised.

Benoît Roberge spent a grand total of 27 months in custody of his 8 year sentence. The message sent is far from a strong one.

Maurice “Mom” Boucher

Sunday, August 21, 2016

'I'm a gangster homie!' foul-mouthed granny rants

'Yeah I smoked the marijuana whenever I was in school,'. 'My name's Granny,' she insists before crying aggressively, 'and I came here to fuck somebody's husband. Loooong dick style.' It appears she's unaware she is being filmed.

'I don't play. I'm a savage.' the bespectacled granny continues.
Granny appears to be borrowing the material of internet semi-sensation Tyrone 'long dick style' Vine

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Police launch road safety blitz as Hells Angels gather in Waterloo

Regional police are conducting roadside checks in Waterloo Saturday afternoon, as a local Hells Angels chapter holds it’s annual field day in the area.

A regional police command unit has been set up in the area along with a roadside check.
Police expect several hundred Hells Angels and affiliates for the annual field day.
Robert Barletta

Barletta’s liquor licence for 'Famous Flesh Gordon’s' on Dundas St was revoked in 2014.

Hells Angels Clubhouse - Kitchener
In late 2014 Kitchener Hells Angels Frank Strauss was sentenced to 11 years in prison when he was convicted of 17 offences — most involving gun and drug trafficking.

The judge said he was a 'career criminal' and 'beyond rehabilitation'. The judge concluded his primary occupation was running a drug distribution network. He was lead away as 35 students from a local high school law class watched.

Around the same time it was revealed that nine of the 12 full-patch members and two of the three hangarounds of the chapter have extensive criminal records. Four were facing current charges.